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Flabby Pecs


alright i need some help. I bench all the time, do dips and push-ups like a mad man, and screw around with all the different dumbell press too. still i cant seem to tone my pecs up. i have tried going heavy with low reps aswell as doing a complete 180 and doing light weight high rep. can anybody help me with some chest ripping workouts?


I'm confused, you say you have flabby pecs, but your BF is @ 6%? I'm assuming by flabby you mean flat? Definately need to put on some mass. You want a big chest? Put on another 40+ pounds of muscle all over your body.

PS Is that you in your avatar?


Unless he is talking about gyno.


Storing bodyfat around the pecs suggests that you may be converting your testosterone to oestrogen or "aromatizing".

Speak to a Poliquin Biosignature Modulater about an oestrogen detox.


If that's you in the avatar, you are NOT 6% bodyfat. Obviously you can retool your training, or diet... I would suggest either adding more LBM, or losing a few lbs, and I guarantee you won't be so "flabby".



OR, he could just store more fat there. Without some pretty detailed pictures, trying to diagnose hormonal issues like that makes little sense. He could have had this problem since puberty for all we know at this point.


I speak from experience - It's body fat.


Your chest doesn't look flabby to me, dude. Why don't you get some pics up that better illustrate what you want people to give you input on?


"Suggests"! An option I presented.


Why do posters like this never come back to a thread they started especially when they get such brilliant (no sarcasm here) advise?


Everyone's testosterone gets partially aromatized into estrogen. Not everyone has gyno. Most people dont refer to gyno as "flabby pecs" they'll say 'swollen nipples or puffy nipples'. Look at the avatar, it's not gyno.