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I have alot of trouble working my lower abs and cant seem to get the flab off. I have no trouble training the other parts of my body at all. I was wondering if anyone knew any excercises that actually work. And also if the Hot-Rox supplement actually works like they say. Thanks for any help I get.

Unfortunately, many people preferentially store fat on their lower abs. You may have rock solid muscle, but it won’t show through unless you’re quite lean. It’s one of the basic facts of bodybuilding - abs are made in the kitchen, more than in the gym. But there is an ab article by Christian Thibaudeau in this week’s issue which will set you up with the exercise aspect, and the Hot Rox definitely will help too.

Body-part specific exercises do not cause fatloss in that area. (I’m assuming this is what you meant.)

You likely need to get your diet in order. Insulin and cortisol, I believe, are the main culprits for fat retention/accumlation in that area.

And yes, Hot-Rox works. If you want to use it I suggest taking two in the morning, waiting an hour, then doing some form of cardio. Then take your second dose according to the directions. This has been working great for me.

1st: Make sure your not confusing a slight outward bulging of the lower abs (immedieately below your navel) with flab. Some people (myself included), get this slight muscular protrusion, which would be dealt with separately from removing flab.

2nd: Fat loss is mostly a dietary issue. Look at the HotRox Challenge contestants’ results to see if you think it works. I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks like it may be worth a try if your diet is in order.

3rd: CT’s article in this weeks issue looks worthwhile (I’m gonna start it myself in a few weeks). Do a search on abs and you’ll see plenty of programs that work.