Fixing Tren D*ck

Hey everyone,

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Had well over 100 posts from loads of members and just want to say thank you for all the help and over 14k views.

One of the suggestions for the issues (see title) I’ve had as been adrenal function.

I said on that post I’d post my adrenal labs results so here they are if anyone can spot anything odd I’d put in brackets if they are above or below range.

Cortisol Awakening Response 8:00am (on waking) 11.4 nmol/L. Range 3 nmol/L - 16 nmol/L

Cortisol Morning 8:30am (+30 mins)
18.4 nmol/L. Range 9 nmol/L - 26 nmol/L

Cortisol Morning 9:00am (+60 mins)
12.4 nmol/L. Range 5 nmol/L - 19 nmol/L

DHEA Morning (Above range!)
3.69 nmol/L. Range 0.51 nmol/L - 2.59 nmol/L

Cortisol Afternoon (3pm)
4.3 nmol/L. Range 3 nmol/L - 9 nmol/L

Cortisol Evening (11pm) (below range!)
0.3 nmol/L. Range 0.5 nmol/L - 4 nmol/L

Cortisol Daily Total
46.8 nmol/L. Range 20.5 nmol/L - 74 nmol/L

DHEA Evening
1.26 nmol/L. Range 0.39 nmol/L - 1.59 nmol/L

Cortisol/DHEA Ratio (Below Range)
14.3. Range 22.3-37.3

My last male sex hormone test for those who haven’t seen it on the other thread is:

FSH 5.72 IU/L. Range: 1.5 - 12.4
LH 6.93 IU/L. Range: 1.7 - 8.6
Oestradiol 85.9 pmol/L. Range: 41 - 159
Testosterone 17.5 nmol/L. Range: 8.64 - 29
Free Testosterone 0.412 nmol/L. Range: 0.2 - 0.62
Free Androgen Index 63.41 Ratio. Range: 24 - 104
Prolactin 459 mU/L. Range: 86 - 324

DHEA SULPHATE 12 umol/L. Range: 4.34 - 12.2

Original post Tren dick after summer 2018

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Been on tren for like… 3 years. Never had that problem.
Does it happen after you quit tren and stay on test only?

Usually happens when you come off Tren but has happened to plenty of people while on Tren. It’s really hard to say what causes it and can be different for different people. It creates different negative feedback loops on your endocrine system and also has huge affect on your neurology (particularly your reward system dopamine).

Some people have had it after very limited Tren use (one cycle / 2) like me and others don’t get it for years and some never at all.

My old post on here has so much research and opinions of members so if you want to know more that’s a really good starting point.

but do you stay on at least TRT or you go cold turkey off of everything?

I personally came off everything. My test returned to a fair level . Others stay on TrT and still have the issue bud

Alright mate? I’m not surprised some of your adrenal markers are out. Having said that, my DHEA was below range not over. I don’t really know how to interpret adrenal labs. I recommend that Kalish guy I’ve mentioned before. Alternatively, there are other forums with more adrenal knowledge than you’ll likely find here. Dr Kalish also has some youtube videos about the different stages of HPA dysregulation which talk about high and low DHEA levels so give them a watch.

Kalish also mentioned to me that DHEA was the primary indicator for adrenal function, not cortisol, so it’s definitely worth looking further into. In fact, now that I think about it my DHEA was above range a few years before I did the tren.

Have a read of the second post in this thread from Dr Mariano if you haven’t already seen it:

Especially this paragraph:

“The primary signal for stress is norepinephrine. Norepinephrine is in a positive feedback loop with corticotropin releasing hormone. This positive feedback loop is interrupted by cortisol signaling. To increase norepinephrine, the brain has to also reduce production of some or all of the control signals that suppress norepinephrine signaling. These include reductions in serotonin, dopamine, GABA, etc.”

Question - How do you handle stress/ do you find yourself stressed much? I find myself getting stressed and burnt out easily and I think its due to high Norepinephrine.

My prolactin was around the same level as yours, and most of the guys here will say that here lies your problem but tanking my prolactin with caber for months did nothing to help. I suspect that the high prolactin is caused by low dopamine (also known as Prolactin Inhibiting Hormone), which is caused by high Norepinephrine, which is caused by/ related to low cortisol output (see above paragraph).

so does your johnson work again?

Me? God no

I guess it was probably addressed last time but

Is out if range. You can decrease it by taking P5P. This will increase dopamine and therefore decrease Prolactin.

Not bad. Would worry when the rest is in range.

I don’t know what to make of the high DHEA morning. I don’t see a problem with it in this context but I’m no expert there.

It doesn’t look like you have adrenal issues.

Thank you lord gains, I’m currently on p5p but I’ve not retested yet. I’m due a MRI on the 30th June to see for a tumour on the pituarity (just in case)

P5p has helped some what.

Thanks James.

I’m going to ask an adrenal specialist to have a look at the results. See if there is anything else I need to look at. Prolactin and DHEA seem to have a relationship I’ve found from my research. Raised prolactin can raise DHEA.

Are you booked in with Marino now?

I do get stressed easy. Also find I can shake often when too stressed. Really strange feeling

Not booked with Mariano yet but planning to go late summer. Will let you know how it goes.

That’s interesting and sounds pretty familiar. I tend to start breathing quite rapidly for no reason. Is that something you’ve noticed only after tren or was it happening before too?

For anyone else with tren/ deca dick who reads this thread - let us know if you have similar stress issues.

Hi James,

Got myself appointment about adrenals but it isn’t till end of June.

In the mean time just wanted to talk to you about the supplements I’ve been taking daily for the last 3/4 weeks and if you think I need to cycle any or change any?

Vitamin E 400iu
P5P 200mg
Glucosamine (G), calcium (Ca) & Chondroitin (Ch) (stared this week).
G 384mg
Ca. 100mg
Ch. 36mg
Methyl folate. 400ug
Omega 3. 1200mg providing 720mg omega 3 fatty acid of which 240mg DHA and 360mg EPA
ZMA - zinc 10mg Magnesium 150mg & vit b6 3.5mg

and finally
AMINO COMPLEX by all nutrition

I have also just purchased but not sure how to cycle any of it just yet or if to at all:
Ginko Biloba 120mg
Maca. 500mg
Turmeric 1000mg & bioperine 10mg
Green tea extract 450mg

How did the appointment go?

Sorry I can’t give much advise about whether those supplements are good. Really it depends how they’re making you feel. I’d make sure the magnesium you’re taking is magnesium biglycinate though as most other magnesiums aren’t absorbed well at all. I’d add vit D too. Most people are deficient it magnesium and vitamin D.

Hi James I have a list of supplements I’ve been told to take a try out so I’m going to do that next and see how I get on, overall I’ve improved a lot in the 3 years! I’m more positive now then I used to and that’s good! Have a few down days but getting there

lord gains , do you think this is a brain issue solely considering my lads for everything else seem good?

Hey @lufc12 and @james103 , @ztanzanite I have read many of these posts now about perma deca dick. Have you guys tried any sort of other tests? For example, doppler ultrasound with cavernous inject. This way we can see if the penis will react to these drugs at least, and to see if the issue of lasting decca sides can manifest themselves as arterial or venous issues. For example we know decca reduce NOS signalling in endothelium. Additionally , of course there are other things to try such as angion method, water pumping etc. Has anyone of you with deca issue tried the doppler ultrasound with inject, or MRN (nerve imaging) of the pudendal nerves that innervate the penis? This is very complex unfortunately, and there may be other pathways at play. Keep looking into adrenals and thyroid/parathyroid as well. This rabbit hole is a nightmare but I believe it can be resolved.

Hi @ygb350, I’m not familiar with those tests. Do people with deca dick report abnormal results? I’d be interested to know why you think they’re relevant?

In my case erections are not an issue but sexual feelings are. As are positive emotional feelings.

well if you compare the effect of post finasteride syndrmoe, post 19-nor syndrome and PSSD there are many , many commonalities. Some people did lose penile function on 5AR inhibitors like dut/fin… the thought is loss of DHT in the corpus cavernosum causes penile tissue changes. so some tests could be good to see if this happened, but if you can mantain erection maybe the issue is not in physical penis… do you hvae lack of erogenous sensations, but can still feel temperature or pressure on your penis?

@ygb350 Yep I can feel temperature and pressure normally.

Have you had any blood tests?