Fixing the Taste of Homebrew Oral SARM?

I have powders of various sarms i made into liquids using DMSO,VG and PG and they taste horrible… its not a huge deal to me. I started capping the liquid into 000 caps instead of using geometric dilution to dose the sarms and cap them. Just because i have already made a fair amount of liquid. And i prefer it liquid for a couple reasons.

But that’s all beside the point.

Regardless i drink a ml or i pop a capsule with a ml in it. My breath is horrible for the whole day after. My GF complains about it and I’m sure other people can smell it, If i don’t chew a pack of gum all day to hide it at least…

Does anyone know of remedies for making a better taste or for getting rid of the after breath… i assume its coming from my stomach and not my throat or mouth because capping made no difference for her complaint.

I dont know what VG and PG are but DMSO is a topical liniment meant for horses, not for ingestion. Even still, when us old timers used DMSO, it was KNOWN for causing what we called DRAGON BREATH.

I suggest you find a new carrier. Maybe vodka or ethyl alcohol.

I would think PG alone would be enough for a oral solution. I could be wrong tho no first hand experience

Fill me in brother. What are PG and VG?

Sorry i guess i should have mentioned the abbreviations lol.

Pg is Propylene glycol
Vg is vegetable glycerin

The dmso is what i used for a solvent. 3ml of it for every 30 ml of liquid. I guess it carries the product through the body more effectively then other solvents, or it deteriorates the powders a lot less then other solvents. At least from my research its the most capable solvent for most

Alot of guys use 100% PEG300 or PEG400. and shake vigorously but i find that to leave flakey cheap product. Im not really a test kit holding chemist so i dont know but i assume floating flakes of product means not equally dissolved product and inaccurate dosings.

I guess dragon breath is what im trying to combat here @zeek1414 @studhammer

I would not think these would lead to the odors. Its probably the dmso. Why not try a solubility test with alcohol? Ethyl…NOT methyl

It depends. How pure is the raw powder? Sometimes impurities aren’t easily dissolved so the flakes etc could just be essentially filler. Now if you have a 99% pure raw powder and your sure of its purity and your not trying to oversaturate the mixture with it then yes shit floating around probably isn’t a good thing.

Again it really just depends on the active drug etc. Some of these rc solutions will even say on container to shake well before dosing.

Let me say again I have no experience with this particular situation altho I have a general knowledge of things which is what I’m speaking from

@studhammer i was going to use 151rum or a high percent clear liquor but im really struggling in Canada to find one. I 100% would prefer that.

@zeek1414 purity is definitely a contributing factor to the powder itself. Mine was tested at 99% pure. But the stuff I bought domestically from Pro sarms was definitely not of quality. My homebrew was a lot more effective and clear. The S4 is yellow. The MK-2866 is clear and the GW-501516 is a cloudy white but very well mixxed and even. I had gw and mk from them and they both were flakey. Tasted like a cbd oil mix as well.

You can’t find Everclear in Canada??

No sir. Its not around. I looked for along with the bacardi and a couple other 151s. The burning factor and high alc content have them all banned i believe. Don’t quote me but i think 45% is a limit on alc content.

I know our beer percent is higher per bottle in alot of cases but overall liquor alc content is limited.

Ora Sweet works well, as do those water flavoring products that they sell (Mio?).

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I found it online in western CA. I’m assuming you’re not in that area?

Ill give them a go thanks @iron_yuppie

@studhammer im east coast. Unfortantely just moved back from the west. I did look out there as well. Its very limited and unlikely to find it there despite the comments online. A couple places do have stuff nut less and less often for sure.

No American friends who can ship it to you discreetly?

Edit: How can a country known for its distilleries not sell high proof liquor? WTF?

Lol.i know right. And nope no usa friends just yet. Considering im shipping a few other questionable things I’m scared to risk a liquor shipment to be honest.

Would you just poor the amount of liquid sarm into the mixed drink basically heavily diluting the sarm making it tasteless?

My buddy says he puts three ml of sarms i brewed for him into his protein drink. I just cant see how his idea would combat dragon breath from dmso even if diluting when in the end its being digested all the same

Something like that, yeah. It’s never going to taste good, but you can make it at least palatable enough to not wish for the sweet embrace of death when drinking it.

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Why did you not just get a 10ml scoop and take it in powder form?
Cannot think of a good reason to go liquid

The amount of powder that goes into a 10ml scoop is so much more then a 25mg dose. Or 20mg dose.

Even a .5 scoop its hard to differ between doses that weigh .025 of a gram…

Id have to use geometric dilution and im not exactly sure which powders are like sarms but lactose powder would work. Then at that point I may as well cap it all in the right sized caps

Id use a .5 scoop or something if doses were larger like when I TUCDA. Which i buy in powder and dose myself.

My bad I meant 10mg, i got this scoop with my powder (came with), super fukin tiny but works fine and absolutley no taste cause the amount is so small

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