Fixing Symmetry? Body Mass Balance

Help I have one side of my upper body bigger than the left and my right leg bigger than the left idk wtfk but I hyper trophy every body part this just happened idk if I was like this all my life my genetics or something but since I started gaining muscle mass it seems that I’m all off simetry went to the quiropractor he said that because the stress my body shrinks to one side leaving my spine all fuckted up and I was working out like that and that’s why I’m all deformed idk If i can do more reps on my weak side, improve form or weight??

Pictures would help. 95% of the time the individual thinks it is MUCH worse than it actually is.


It sounds like you have a very serious problem that will need to be balanced out with some sort of trained professional. More than just symmetry alone you are setting yourself up for a very debilitating injury IMO.

I’d start looking to work with a sports physiotherapist ASAP to balance out flexibility, posture, alignment and strength issues

Obviously, someone could suggest unilateral exercises but I personally believe you are way past that at this point and need to get “corrected”

Let’s not be too hasty in jumping to these conclusions. We haven’t been provided any pictures, proof or much information at all. To say these things could just leave the OP overly worried and spending tons of time and money correcting something that is mainly in his/her head.

We don’t know age, weight, level of training experience, current workout/stretching routine, drug use, etc.

Also, I don’t know your experience dealing with Chriopractors, but I don’t think anyone I know has ever walked into one and had the Chiropractor tell them that everything looked good. The business becomes much less lucrative that way…

Or maybe your post was simply flaming the OP?

Anywho, more information from you @roobertoo, and you will likely get some valuable help from the members on here.


Look at the right peck and the right deltoid seems like the left it’s bigger I thought idk just a thought, maybe I have more mind/muscle connection with that side? And would be better to perform unilateral for more connection between??

20 years
4 monts at the gym

There is nothing wrong with you…

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really? i notice my delts out of balance are not?

Its easy to be judgmental regarding yourself… those areas look fine.

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ewww what is going on with your body? Your muscles are all out of balance and icky.

Your right side looks like Conan the Barbarian and your left side looks like Conan O’Brien.

Seek help. Seek professional help immediately.


It looks like your right clavicle points out more than your left. I’d get that fixed. I hear there is a mostly successful surgery that will break your clavicles in order to enlarge them. I’d look into that.


what if i train the weak side more ?

what doctor recomend or a trainer could help too? or can i change my workout to put more muscle on the weak side?

With just four months of gym time, just keep working out with a solid, balanced program. Imbalances tend to work themselves out with time.

If in a couple of years, you need to bring up a lagging body part, go for it. But don’t stress about it right now.

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thanks !!! im very stressed rn im modeling rn so it kinds of slows my work :slight_frown:

We’re just fucking with you. You look normal.

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lol i got really scared im working out rn haha

You’re working out and posting right now? Maybe that’s why one side is bigger. Put the phone down.


yeah dude you look totally normal. Don’t worry about it.

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