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Fixing Shoulder Issues. Rounded Forward, Imbalances?

I’ve been dealing with lots of pain in my right scapula/shoulder. It’s exacerbated with barbell benching. Can you look at my back photo to see if there any glaring imbalances ? I read the beautifully written articles: Neanderthal no more and I’m thinking my shoulders may be rounded forward… Thanks

PS: The bruises are from the scraping I just got done.

Another angle:

What’s up man?
How does your lower back feel? How good are you at standing on your left foot?

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Hello. My lower back feels fine right now but hurts occasionally, I can stand on my left foot just fine.

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If you’ve seen the Neanderthal No More stuff you know about how your shoulders and arms are held in position on top of your rib cage by your muscles. And how tight muscles can pull your shoulders forward or inward or whatever.

There are some therapy guys who say that tight muscles can pull your rib cage into inward rotation. Like a tight lat and pec minor on the right side can pull your ribs down and forward, kinda twisting you to that side and scrunching you up. And if your ribs are stuck, pulled to the right, your shoulder on that side will be rolled forward and unstable.

Some symptoms of this “stuck pattern” are painful right scap muscles, a high left shoulder and your back being pulled to the right side by shortened internal rotators.

Some pics

Anyway, these bros say the way to fix these issues is to shift your right side “back” and your right shoulder “up” and then take some deep breathes to inflate your right side and “break” the “stuck pattern.”

This stuff seems a little out there at first, but you sort of looked like your pulled to the right in that pic of your back.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to write this, I will look into that.

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Your welcome man! I hope you get something useful out of it.

Here are a couple more vids from Neil Hallinan. He’s got tons of info on this stuff.

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