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Fixing Retarded Chest


Hey Guys,

I've been training 6 months and my chest is starting to look really retarded it's like on had a full insertion while the other is just f'ed up anyway I can fix this

Thank you


In the unlikely event that you are not a troll, I would probably start by training more than six months. Just be patient.


You won’t fix this but a larger muscle will mask the shape somewhat. As has been stated, time.


Pull up your pants. It makes you chest look better.


you can’t change your chest insertions. You can, however, change the ridiculous way you wear your trousers.


My bad with the trousers lol, I asked a coach he said just build a bigger chest and the gap should get samller


Ignore the haters. I like the way you wear your trousers.




That’s something genetic so you’re not gonna be able to fix it without surgery. But yeah, the gap will get smaller as you build size.


Thanks man, it doesn’t look too bad I guess, If i get it alot bigger and shave that there chest hair, I mean I’m still benching 175 for 3x6. So still gotta give it time :slight_smile:


Thanks man, you’re right it’ll get smaller :wink: