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Fixing Nasty Ass Protein Powder?


So i bought some protein powder from my friend who ordered alot online(it was on sale). Its unflavored protein but i just had my first glass and god did I want to gag. I was wondering is there anything I can do to it to make it taste better?


Mix it with something? There are very few protein powders that taste GOOD mixed just with water, some are ok, but most taste like ass. Even milk alone would likely improve the flavor. If milk + banana + peanut butter can't fix it you may have a problem.


crystal light


milk and a shot of chocolate syrup


mix it w/ OJ


mix it with chocolate milk...it will increase it's anabolic effects...

i have 16 oz chocolate milk mixed with whey everyday...


Crystal light, add milk, or fruits. I use milk + natural peanut butter + bananas in mines. Now if there could be something to mask the flavor of BCAAs...


Buy it in pill form


something crystal light-ish is probalby the way to go, but you could even just try adding some straight sugar or artificial sweetener in a pinch.


Try adding some sugar free orange metamucil.

Adds a good texture too.

OR next level Protein crunk maneuver - add vanilla extract with the metamucil for deliciousness.

Or just use Biotest liquid flavoring. Works great too.


Mix it with flavored protein powder.


natural peanut butter works very well for straight unflavored whey isolates, that being said if its low grade crap nothing will save it. I ahve been back and forth with the issue of saving money on supps for many many years...and in the end i have never found the savings to be worth it and end up back on Metabolic Drive low carb. Nothing compares.


try mixing it into a shake, protein, milk/water(depends on u), peanut butter, banana, 1/4 apple or half, and some strawberries (and pineapple if u like), this is what i usually like to do.


fanta strawberry soda ala dusty hanshaw


Buy a good tasting flavored protein like Metabolic Drive or Syntha-6 then mix it 50/50 (or to your taste preference) with the unflavored stuff. You're still saving money, and it will taste much much better.


I have tried that but it only improved "fairly nasty ass".

IMHO life is too short to be drinking ass juice. I was so happy when I just binned it rather than letting it last twice as long.