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Fixing My Wimpy Six Pack


How do I correct it? My abs are not symmetrical, they are of the staggered kind, which I believe is part of the reason my lowest "pack" is so shitty. I've been bulking for a few months now, and while I feel my abs getting thicker, my main focus is really on doing the best I can do bring up my lagging "6th pack". It almost feels as if I have a 5 pack really.

I've tried a few ab programs from this site and some magazines, but none really focus on my lower abs the way I'd like them to. They are more of all-around programs (I'm aware it's all one muscle group, but you can still concentrate on certain areas moreso than others).

And no, it's not that my body fat wasn't low enough. I'm talking about the actual muscle itself, when I felt it, was just small and almost non-existent, especially when compared to the rest of my "packs".

So...can anybody recommend me a solid ab program/workout/exercises I can use to really focus on my lower abdominals?

As usual, your help is greatly appreciated.


I have the same problem, my lower abs aren't nearly as thick as my upper. I believe it's more of a genetic thing then a training thing, and if you've tried multiple ab programs from this site then there is probably not much you can do about it. I just wouldn't worry about it much as the upper abs are much more noticeable on most people anyways.


unfortunately you cannot control the insertion points of muscles. Some people have perfectly symmetrical abs, some have staggered abs, and others have intertwined abs - it isnt something you can change.


I think you guys are misunderstanding me. I'm not sweating the insertion points and that my abs are staggered. I'm sweating the size/mass of my lower abs, which I don't believe to be genetic.

If it's a muscle, I should be able to make it bigger, no? I've seen people with lower abs that look just as big and thick as their upper abs, so I know it can be done.

Someone please help =/.


No, I didn't misunderstand you, I was simply implying that for me it's hard to develop muscle in my lower abs compared to my upper. I have seen a lot of people who develop their upper abs more quickly then their lower, but yes of course you can develop your lower abs too. I really wouldn't sweat it though, just do a variety of ab exercises and focus on flexing your lower abs throughout the movement.


hanging leg raises, knee raises in the captains chair thing with a ball between feet?


pick better parents next time


Tried squatting? My abs are so good I can flex my flab and in the right light you'd think I had 'abs'!


yeah how the fat below the bellybutton sorta hangs over your waistline, makes it look like a lower ab line.... im satisfied enough with that


captain chair leg raises. Worked for me. All the other ab machines did not work for me. Also, do bicycle crunches.