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Fixing My Screwed up Metabolism

I don’t know how it happened, but the last few months have been horrible. I am freezing all the time especially my toes and fingers, my sex drive is 0, my workouts suck. When I up my carbs I hold alott of water, and I don’t even seem to increase my metabolism and sex drive. I need advice on eating specifically to raise metabolism, and testosterone without getting fatter. I had blood work done and everything was in normal low end but not horrible range. So my doc didn’t recommend anything. He is clueless? I’m 24 yrs old Help!!!

Did he check your thyroid hormone?

I have been where you have been, try taking Tribex 500 @ 6 pills a day (3 in the morning, three 12 hours later), if that still is not enough increase the dosage to 8 a day. This stuff really does work, it is the only Tribulus product that I have used that has worked. You’ll definitely feel the difference!
Good Luck

To increase your metabolism, try eating 6 times a day, and also try supplementing with a termongenic like MD-6, you can also try flax or Udo’s oil.

Have you been doing extremely low carbs over an extended period of time? One of John Berardi’s old Appetite for Construction columns mentioned a proper approach for coming back off of low-carb diets that should minimize the water and fat gain – basically the point was that you have to reintroduce them slowly because your body is no longer used to digesting/processing them. I can’t remember the date of the column, but just run a search through the old articles for all those Appetite for Construction columns. Hope that helps.

Are you overtraining? If you have a fear of getting fatter it could be you are training too hard and eating too little. It’s winter time also known as bulking time.

Find another Dr. At your age and being a bodybuilder everything should be in the normal mid to high end not low end. Low may be fine if you’re an 80 year old in a nursing home but how are you supposed to perform at a high level? It sounds like you have definite hypothyroid and once you have that then a lot of other functions tend to get low as well. You might try some t-2 or t-2 pro and see if that helps.

without knowing your previous diet/exercise/supplement protocols, all I can really do is take a blind stab in the dark, but this may help you. I was going thru a similar situation about a year or so ago when I read Shugarts ‘food log’ article and began paying EXTRA attention to the excellent content of Berardi’s massive eating concept. I found thru my food log that I was eating about half of what I THOUGHT I was in regards to my macro nutrient profiles…a few days a week were perfect, but the sum weekly totals were pathetic, I also found that I was overtraining due to insuffient nutrients that could not possibly support my level of intensity or frequency in the gym. I was overtrained, suppressed metabolism, low sex drive…cold, just like you are now…my thyroid was also screwed up from the low kcals. Here’s what you do dude:
-Read the ‘missing ingredient and do it.’
-Massive eating by berardi-start asap.
the kcals and meal freq may seem too high, but do it ANYWAY it works phenominally well.
you’ve got to stim your metabolism!
-Up your protein/efa’s/carbs(moderately)
within the guidelines of those articles.
-get on tribex to boost your libido-probably not nec, but the stuff rocks and it’ll help the libido.
-periodize your training if you’ve been doing the same thing for a LONG time.
-and of course other biotest supps if you want to…as they are all exceptional. But do the above for SURE.
–the above worked for me, and If these issues to apply to you, it should help reverse the situation in about 1-2 weeks, and you’ll feel better than ever.

What supplements, if any, are you taking?

After being on a contest diet for more than 12 weeks or so I suffered the same problems and didnt feel the positive effects of reintroducing carbs and increased calories for around two weeks so you may just want to give it some time.