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Fixing My Posture?


I have bad posture, i know i do.. i took a photo to prove it

what do i do to fix it?


It is really hard to say from the photo, but other than a slight rounding of the shoulders and a slight extension of the gut, I don't see any glaring problems with your posture. Adding some bulk and reducing the gut would go a long way in improving your overall way that you carry yourself. Have you seen a doctor/therapist that has diagnosed a posture problem? If so, please follow their advise. I am no expert, but have spent the past 2 years working on improving a back rounding that resulted from an accident. Countless therapists and doctors made me realize the best thing to do is to work the back and not overwork the chest. Strive for balance. Do rows, pullups, facepulls, reverse flyes, etc. frequently as part of your normal routine. Don't be one of those guys that does nothing but bench presses and curls as that will tighten the chest and cause back rounding. Do core work at least 2X per week, concentrating on planks and leg lifts and such (where you tighten your abs without contracting them). Don't forget to stretch before and after each workout. Find a good workout plan on this site or countless others and stick to it.


Great picture for this topic.

Google pelvic hyperlordosis. You may have that.


i wouldnt say am anywhere near over weight, i havent had my body fat taken in a while and im quite ripped in the shoulders, but the gut seems to be a lot worse than it should be and i put it down to bad posture

i dont dead lift due to injuring myself a few eyars back, i do back extensions, seated rows, DB rows as part of my back routine and my back is quite developed, its the core that is causing me problems i think


No it isnt.

Youre a typical skinny fat person.

You need to learn how to eat and lift intensely. Read the stickied threads in the beginners forum before asking any more questions. And do a site search. Almost all questions have been answered at some point.


must post another few pics then




Hope that helps in getting you started. There's a few more articles in the series as well.



yeah lets see more pics... Bonez has a lot of knowledge so listen up


That would correctly be lumbar hyperlordosis. Not to be confused an anterior pelvic tilt.

Good call!


I (nor you) have any way of knmowing what this kid has (if anything). I was just throwing out a possibility. A pretty random one at that because if he does have something 'off' it's not that dramatic.

A 3" grainy picture taken from 10 feet away through a mirror is the new way doctors diagnose patients I guess


Now you got me interested, I want to see your back.


You need a size 10 nike in your left hand for me to properly assess postural problems.

Try again.


I wasn't diagnosing him. I was correcting you. Lordosis is the anterior curvature of the spine. It has nothing to do with the pelvis. The inferior teminance of the spine is at L5-S1.


"Good call!!" ?