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Fixing My Poor Posture


I am 6'5 and have a relatively bad posture. My shoulders kinda hang forward and down. I've been trying to work on my back to get it straight and have my shoulders moved up and back but it seems to not work that great.

I am using less weight for my back exercises because if i use heavier weight, my posture is bad. So, is there an imbalance because i use heavier weight for chest but less for back?

Also, I know there are tons of back exercises, but which ones would you recommend for targeting a straight strong back and for pulling the shoulders back? And how should I perform those? (grip, reps)



dont worry about using weights for your poisture, just get it correct first naturally.

stand feet apart, back/neck straight. take a breath in lifting uour shoulders. now imagine a rope running down your head through your neck and into your spine, imagine its being pulled upwards lifting everything up (head, neck, chest, shoulders, spine). when it feels comefortable and looks natural its correct.


there is a great article on T-Nation about exercises to correct neanderthal posture. do a search. then post it here, i am too lazy


Neanderthal No More Part 1 & 2 & 3
by Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson





I've read the articles and honestly don't find them very helpful. A lot of analysing but very little recommendations on what excercises to do, and that is really all i need.
But thanks anyways...