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Fixing My Gut/Abs?


This really shits me but i have a kind of gut. Im 18 yrs old and been doin weights for about a yr. With my abs wen i flex i can see the abs but wen i dnt its just a gut. How can i fix this? is this to do with diet coz i try do abs 3 times a week


what does your diet consist of?


i take protein once a day, eat lots of meat (cant help it), fruit/vegetables, pasta.

not much chocolate. i dnt follow any strict diet, but wud i need to in order to rid myself of this dirty gut


If you want your abs visible 24/7 you need to get to a low body fat percentage, and this will most likely be around our under 8%. To do this you need to diet down which would mean you consume less calories than you burn. From the pictures though you don't seem to carry much muscle, and I would worry about bulking up rather than developing a ripped six pack.


cant i bulk up without havin a huge gut ?? without tensing my abs its a big gut, looks bad, i wana have a flat stomach and bulk up. Is this possible and how ??


Btw im 6'5 and 100kg


Not really. I have the same problem. Your body will store tend to store fat in your abdominal area because that is just your body type. If you train hard your other parts will still get bigger but the gut is always there.

I think you can minimize it with manipulating your hormones, and taking certain supplements but I haven't bothered to find out.


It is possible, but you'll have to diet to lose the gut first if you want to bulk up with a relatively lean stomach. That looks more like stomach bloating to me, and personally i'd just focus on getting bigger.


Spelling school will make your 'abs' huge.


You don't have a fucking gut. Let's say it again--you don't have a fucking gut. That is stomach bloating and GI tract bloat. To see your abs all the time not only do you have to cut bodyfat down to 8% or less, but you also have to control bloating and keep water retention low.

You are skinny and should gain more muscle instead of cutting. If you really really want to try and change that, cut pasta out along with any soda or any other bread sources. But that won't help enough, and you still don't have enough muscle mass.


You 'take' protein?

Proteinabol, right?


I can't believe no one has yet suggested vacuums...



not enough muscle yet to make it worth it.

OP build more muscle all over and get stronger and it will not be an issue. Get your abs and lower back stronger by training properly, and your stomach won't be able to bulge out as much.


x2. At this point it would be like tuning the suspension on a 69 chevy pickup. Sure, you could, but there are so many other things that need to be fixed it really won't make that much of a difference.


if your 6-5 and 220lbs and you have a big gut then a bunch of that is probably fat.

While I agree with some other posters here in that you need to gain some muscle; I can understand what you wanna loose the fat.

Check your diet and nutrient timing; add some cardio...it's not rocket science.


Look at how bloated he appears in the picture where he isn't flexing. That is not a muscle mass issue (although he clearly needs more for his build and that would help mask his gut). That is an immensely weak transversus abdominis muscle issue and performing vacuums would enable his stomach to involuntarily hold itself in. Even if he puts on mass, he's going to look bloated and will need to address it eventually. Do vacuums.


do you think it's also just a general lack of strength in the midsection? I'm not arguing the usefulness of vacuums, just that alot of other work needs to be done first.


I would have to agree with you that his mid section is most likely underpowered, and building up his abs and back would help and most likely are more important in the large picture than vacuums. I was trying to directly address the fastest way to correct abdominals which are completely distended though. By the way, is that you in your avatar?



i'm a bit skeptical. if this stomach vacuum exercise is so important for this kid, why is everyone not doing it? if this was such a big deal in terms of getting a better midsection, why do i not see every site pushing for everyone to do the vacuum exercise all of the time?

i mean i've heard of it before (never knew it was called the vacuum), but only thought of it as some old school bodybuilders technique for a competition, not something that actually improved your physique. could you enlighten me, i'm really not that knowledgeable of this topic.