Fixing My Body (Advice?)

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Hey man, that’s a wild journey you’ve been on.

Do you have any experience with regular exercise, to include lifting weights?

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Hey bro, first awesome thing I noticed from your post is your dedication to a solid eating protocol! That’s a HUGE start, so be proud! In regards to the excess skin - I am not entirely sure. I’m not a doctor, but from what I have seen, it needs to be fixed surgically (I could be wrong, so if someone knows a definite answer, please chime in). In the meantime, keep up with that diet plan and just take exercising one day at a time. Maybe full body 3x/week. You’re fat loss will be inspiring! Good on you and keep up the good work!

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I was in multiple school athletocs from middle wchool till high school graduation. This included supervised weightlifting. Nothing of that ilk after high school. Ive just been drawing on those memories and combining with fitness articles ive read. Ill never be “that guy” at the gym, no desire there. I simply rotate through exercising various muscle groups on a daily basis. Mostly machines, as im wary of free weights due to a spine issue. Light cardio for the time being, in the form of walking and elliptical. Carotid echo is clear, but that only picks up major plaque obstructions, and im wary of some undetected soft plaque breaking free and causing a stroke or heart attack. Still feeling out the limits of my body in its current state.

Yeah, one doctor gave me the “aww, youre still young enough, most of that will tighten up over a few years”, but im taking that with a pound of salt. I really think some level of skin removal surgery will eventually be required for asthetics……and i dont see it happening. To me, thats a vanity issue……would involve multiple surgeries, and those are reportedly extremely painful with long, long recovery times. Regardless of who gets to share the blame for my condition, im ultimately where the buck stops. Its a choice.

Yeah, realistically id like to eventually transform from “make babies cry and adults go blind when i take my shirt off” to “oh, hey! Look at that middle age guy with the reasonably toned beer belly!”

I could live with that…