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Fixing Injured Quadratus Lumborum

I was doing one arm snatch a year ago and felt pain in my lower left back. Soon after I did a strong man competition with deadlift for reps and hurt myself even more. Since then I’ve felt this minor pain in my lower left back. I’ve always thought it was my erector spinae but it feels deeper than that and more to the left, so then I found out about the Quadratus Lumborum.

I can feel it when I do one legged squat on my right leg (tight feeling in the left side) or stretching my left lower back. I’ve started doing some single sided exercises like the one legged DL, squat, and some wide grip deadlift as demonstrated in the recent “single limb training” article.

When I use tennis balls or racquetball around there it definitely gets sore the next day.

Any recommendations on therapy, or similar stories? What is the likelihood it’s permanent damage? Thanks