Fixing Imbalance in Biceps

hey guys, i just wanted a little more input on this problem ive got. my right bi seems smaller than my left. its that simple. the peak is not as tall and it actually seems harder to flex than my left.

im right handed so at first it didnt make any sense at all, could this have come from years or carrying things like the groceries, my gym bag, anything- in my left hand so i could use the dextarity of my right hand to say, open the car door, hold the key, answer the phone, ect… i notice i do that a lot to keep my right hand free and ready, so ive stopped. but now, how should i go about fixing the problem? just more reps and focus w/ the right than the left? could it be that simple? will it never be fixed because of genetics?? just looking for a little help here guys, thanks.

sorry for the paragraph, and i’1l measure and try to get a few pics up later

unilateral work