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Fixing Hormones with Phytoestrogens: Real Help or Scam?

Good day all

I need opinion
Is it possible to fix hormones levels with phyestrogens?
Like Solaray Female Hormone Blend.
Or is it just a scam from naturopathic doctors?
LH 6.0
FH 6.1
Estradiol 17.9
Cant use HRT because of cholesterol (>750)

Thank you all for any advice!

Does that say “cholesterol greater than 750”?

That would indicate that you are in a condition requiring real medical intervention performed and directed by a Doctor, in person.

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Cardiologist prescribed Repatha injections.
Endo-gynecologist advised to cancel it and fix hormonal levels.@KSman

I have no idea why you’re tagging KSman. He posted once a few months ago to say he’s left the forum, and he hadn’t posted at all for well-over a year before that.

Some herbal formulas can help, depending on how out of sync your hormone levels are and how legit the ingredients are.

I’m guessing you’re a female? What’s your age (because that’s relevant to interpreting your levels)?

Do you and your cardiologist agree that’s a good idea? Your doctors should coordinate to prioritize treatment. Maybe I’m missing something, but why can’t you address both at the same time?