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Fixing Gyno with Letro?

Hi guys, I was just wondering if anyone’s experienced what I’m experiencing. Originally nipples were very puffy and sensitive. Hopped on a half tab of letro EOD for two weeks and it didn’t do much. Hopped on a full tab ED for a week and it the sensitivity is completely gone. However, 3/4 of the time nips will be flat and good and a 1/4 of the time they’re puffy again. Any suggestions on dosing to make them flat all the time and not partially?

I’ve attached images.

I’ve had lots of issues with gyno from different cycles. Only thing that has worked for me as far as ‘reversing’ it goes it 40 mg of nolvadex for 1 week then 20 mg for the next 2 weeks.

Made me go from pretty significant lumps under both nipples to nothing at all & no sensitivity. That’s what’s worked for me, others may have some other options though.

I’ve had a lot of success with aromasin. I personally find letro to be too aggressive and nukes my estrogen levels. The cool thing about aromasin is that it’s a suicide inhibitor. This basically means your estrogen levels won’t rebound and spike back up after you finish taking it.

I generally do 12.5mg eod or 25mg eod if my estrogen is getting out of control. This is what I’ve had the best success with when it comes to “puffy nipples”.

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I second Aromasin, also mucana puriens b6 and zinc can help reduce gyno.

Lots of studies showing success with Tamoxifen & Raloxifene for reversing existing gyno especially if it’s less than a year old. Google it and check the studies out.

If you end up going the surgery route be sure to that the doc is planning on doing glandular excision and doesn’t say he can remove glands via lipo. General anesthesia makes surgery much cheaper as well. Hopefully the medication works though.

I’ve heard removing glands will significantly, or completely remove the possibility of getting glandular gyno in the future, is this true? it does make sense.

it doesn’t mean you won’t get fatty gyno though but for anyone in decent body fat percentage range that shouldn’t be an issue

Technically yes but that is if they remove every single bit of it. I had one of the top gyno surgeons in the world and that shit came back about 5 years later. Granted it’s not near what it was. A lot of people would say I don’t have it by just looking at it but it’s definitely there. The surgery fixed the puffy nipple thing perfectly. It’s literally impossible for that to happen to me again. I really only have it on the right side currently and you can feel the glands compared to the other side. Interestingly TRT doesn’t seem to have had much of an effect on it and my T is 2k and E2 is 77 for the last year.

was your original gyno steroid induced or ?