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Fixing Disproportionate Chest/Ant Delt


I have a problem where I trained almost exclusively my delts, but to the detriment to my chest.

Problem is that now I have a lagging chest, and when I do try and lift, instead of using my pecs I tend to overuse my anterior delts, which obviously do not have the appropriate power to be able to lift any significant weight.

As result I have gone back to the beginning and started retraining my chest. Problem is I am still using my delts, through bad habits.

Can anyone suggest a training routine/exercise that I can use that will exclusively target my pecs with minimal interaction from my delts (I know thats near impossible). I have been doing a lot of cables and that seems to limit the delt interaction, but everything with the bar, I use my delts. I have also been trying the 100 reps program, but it doesnt seem to be improving.



Make sure you keep your shoulder blades pinched back as tight as possible, with your lats tight too, as you bench. Do not "un-pinch" them when you press the weight up, keep them tight. This will limit anterior delt interaction. When "learning" this, take a medium grip - not as far as the 0-ring, but not as close as the smooth part. This will allow you to keep your shoulders back and tight.

The 100 reps program is for recovery and bustin plateaus. This is a case of learning to bench. I wouldn't do that extraneous work if I was in your shoes.


do waterburys routine a few issues back. its working. i have/had the same problem. you have to adopt the mentality of training for the real function of the chest. that is, adduction. resist heavy presses for the time being and concentrate on form and function. mix up reps,rest,incline angle as well as load progressionand you shall succeed.


Dr. Phibes, I was thinking exactly the same thing. Do CW's Build a Huge Chest in Six Weeks. I used the cable bench press as one of my lifts during my OVT workout. It's a great chest exercise and you feel it right in the center of your pecs.

Concentrate of form and function and you will succeed. I second that!



What I meant by the 100 reps program was CW's article 100 reps to bigger muscles, but primarily focused on chest, I also tend to do legs as well but that is an aside.

I have a buddy that is a IFBB guy that is training me (won a few pro events in Khazakstan and the Busan Asian Games.....lucky me) and he is having trouble getting me to break out of my bad habits.

I might look into the other program that was mentioned here. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.



I agree, Waterburys recent routine is excellent. Reason being is that he places special attention to the mechanics of the pectoral muscle and suggests movements like low cable pulley press, and sliding push ups.


i agree with JW, make sure the scapulae are fully retracted and stay that way through out the pressing lift.
perhaps start with some decline flies to pre-exhaust you chest, w/out any delt interference than proceed to DB benches (flat/incline/decline whatever).
try sliding towel press ups, low incline cable bench (using cable at least 3m apart) etc and go for the feel mof your chest as opposed to heavy weights.
Its alot easier to train a muscle you can feel.