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Fixing Diet For a Vegetarian Teen Girl

Hey, so this girl I know wants to start eating healthy and all that shit. She used to have some eating problems and says that she used to eat 500 calories a day for some time, so her metabolism is probably a bit fucked right now.

Everything is fair game except for things that have ever breathed. Fish is fair game but she doesn’t like it, so I doubt she’d eat it. She also won’t eat eggs plain; they have to be in something.

Can you guys please help me compile a diet for her? She’s 16, 5’5’’ and like 130lbs or something.

So far, her diet has been something like
breakfast: apple
lunch: skip or granola bar
dinner: rice and veggies
she says she eats nuts throughout the day, but that’s still barely any protein or healthy fats.

thank you

Why the sudden decision to eat healthy? Does she even know what that actually means (i.e. more protein than the average bear, healthy fats, somewhat limited carbs)?

Is she a vegetarian for moral reasons or for “health” reasons?

Will she eat whey protein?

What exactly does eggs “in something” mean? Are omlettes OK?

This probably isn’t going to go over well, but it sounds like she just needs to get over her picky eating habits. If the only possible protein sources are going to be fish and eggs, she needs to eat fish and eggs.

Easier said than done, of course, but at least she eats vegetables, so thats a step ahead of most people.

why would a 16 year old veggie need a specific diet? if she doesnt like fish and eggs then tough shit for her

She’s a vegetarian because of Buddhism… and she’s a blond, white girl…

She wants to start eating healthy because she used to have fucked up eating habits and wants to fix that, but doesn’t really know how.


[quote]Artem wrote:
She’s a vegetarian because of Buddhism… and she’s a blond, white girl…

She wants to start eating healthy because she used to have fucked up eating habits and wants to fix that, but doesn’t really know how.[/quote]

There is a strict dietary code for Buddhists. It can best be described as vegan, which means no milk, eggs or butter. If she is already breaking the code by eating eggs, it won’t be a sin to consume whey protein, then.

Give it a shot. If she says it tastes bad, mix some peanut butter into the chocolate whey for some extra fat and flavor.

LOL I seriously just don’t get the rationale.

It has to have never breathed but fish are OK

And preborn EGGs are somehow better.

Anyways… Lots of nuts… Almonds, Walnuts, etc

Flax seed meal would be good.

Fish oil?

Hemp protein has 15 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber per serving. Along with some Omega 3s and 6s

Good luck…

Sorry for bumping up an old thread…

I’m a vegetarian, mostly because I don’t fancy the idea of eating dead animals… I do drink milk and eat eggs (preferably from good sources, which means, I dont fancy the idea of having milk and eggs from caged/tortured animals).

There’s the common misconception that vegetarians don’t eat much other than salads, fruits and nuts, and that’s far from accurate. Actually, even a lot of newly vegetarians end up falling into that misconception because they don’t know what kind of food to shop for or prepare. And some people - and I hate to say it, but it’s true - mostly girls, think that declaring themselves “vegetarian” is the way to eating healthy and staying thin… and all they get is a bad diet, with lack of protein and micronutrients.

She should try things like tofu or quinoa to add up to her protein intake, and look for more creative ways of consuming eggs and milk (if she does consume them). I mean heck, how many ways are there to prepare eggs? And then protein shakes if still necessary. You didn’t mention if she’s lifting or doing any sort of work out, so I assume that if she’s not and doesn’t need all that extra protein, she can easily get enough from a balanced vegetarian diet.

And as for fish oil or any fish for that matter… I dont have a problem with people that consume fish, but I can’t stand people saying they’re vegetarians but do consume fish. Last time I checked fish was neither a vegetable nor a fungus.