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Fixing Broken Shit at Work


I'm fuckin mr fix it at work. People will break shit and leave it broken and I eventually am very inconvenienced by it and have to fix it.

Last week I was the freakin plumber. There was a leak in the roof and the boss fixed the leak but the drain pipe was situated next to a clogged drain. He didnt even try to fix it and within the hour it had flooded the kitchen with an inch of water.

So I had to fish out horridly clogged floor drains and fuck around with em until it was fixed. I do this kinda shit all the time. patching leaking pipes, clogged drains..the last one had a trash bag clogging it (WTF!). Basically I try and fix any shit that is broken because no one will ever fix it.

It is ridiculous..one drain I fixed last week had been clogged for three months without a grate over it..I tried plungering the hell out of it for 20 minutes (with a plunger I brought from home) and finally decided to get a wire hanger and try and fish shit out.

There was a trash bag..plastic cups..all kinds of shit. When I finally got it unclogged..getting rid of a horrid smell and a puddle of stagnant piss water that had been in the kitchen (im the dish washer) for three months.. all the boss says is ok.

Anyone else fix shit at work..that has nothing to do with their actual job. I fix something at least once a week. I'm getting offered cash to fix other people stuff now lol.


Yeah, I do the IT/Networking at my job. Anytime shit breaks, I get called. Wouldn't be so bad if IT wasn't in my job description. Supervisor's computer isn't working? I get called, no matter what work I'm doing. I've also been known to be the guy who gets anything and everything, one Super called me "Red" from Shawshank. I felt good for a minute, then I remembered:

Fuck, I'm a student.

Cool part? Every Supervisor loves me, kicks back in scholarship money.


when i break shit, i yell and stomp around and throw temper tantrums until a squared away e4 or sgt fixes it


I actually enjoy fixing shit, especially when it makes my life easier but it shouldnt of been left broken in the first place, it wasnt my fault, definitely not in my job description and the boss acts like it is my job and I should of done it faster. The resturant has almost been shut down for this kinda shit, so imho he should be kissing my ass. He wont fix it and doesnt want to pay for it to be fixed. Some people I work with really appreciate it though, Even if the job sucks I really enjoy working with some of the people I do.


Dick... :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I fix stuff all the time. Kinda in my nature really. I've always believed that if it's broken, you fix it. You don't just leave it and pretend it's not there. Hell, if I'm out on a run and I see some debris in the middle of a road, I'll hang around till there's no cars and drag the debris to the side of the road. As a result, people come to me when things are broken. Not really in my job description but I'll do what I can. Sometimes I do wish I would get credit (paid) for it but what goes around comes around, right? I'm still waiting for it to come around...


When I was working in one broker shop a few years ago (I'm a loan officer), it came up that I used to be an electrician... So every time a light was out, or they wanted to move the copy machine and need an outlet run, or anything didn't work (even the fucking air conditioning, like I'm supposed to know about THAT) the owner of the company was like, "hey Brad, I need you to take a look at this... blah blah blah" Then he would offer to pay me some silly low-ball amount to "just take care of it for me".

Keep in mind, I was on COMMISSION, not salary, and I gave that fucker 30% of every deal I closed. Sure, he provided me with an office and what not, but that was the deal we struck when I went to work there. Eventually I had to explain to him that YES, I am a well qualified electrician, but the last time I checked, I don't carry a meter or screwdrivers in my briefcase, I carry a laptop... he got the message.

Set a boundary with that shit or you WILL get taken advantage of.


The problem I have in my situation is a lot of the stuff I fix directly impacts my work. like the kitchen flooding..huge mess I have to clean up eventually because its my job to mop the floor at the end of the night, or the pipe leaking and of course I get the responsibility of dumping it every 15 minutes. The boss doesn't really give a shit..he goes and sits at the bar and has a good time. He figures since im basically the lowest one on the ladder (even if he has to call me or another experienced dishwasher when someone new fucks it all up) and its my job to do anything he thinks is useful. Honestly..even if I got a thank you then I wouldn't be as annoyed but he doesn't even acknowledge anything extra I do.


This thread needs some "There, I Fixed It" photos.



Sometimes you have to do what needs done to do your job, but it sounds like you are getting fucked.

Last place I worked as a robotics and electromechanical technician we moved the shop from one part of the building to another. I took that as an opportunity to set it up the way that I liked. Testing stations, work stations, and an inventory system that had an intuitive sense of place built in to it.

Granted, this was not included in my job description, but if you let someone else do something that will directly affect your environment, then you can't complain when things aren't the way you would rather have them.

Maybe next time shit blows up on your kitchen floor, call the local health department and ask them how to fix it. They'll know what to do.