Fixing Body Comp. During College

Standing at 6"4 and 168 pounds I have a problem. I’m somewhat skinny fat and weak. I used to weigh about 80 pounds more then I do now and after losing all that weight I’m relatively lean, I can see my top two-four abs when I flex, but I have a lot of lower abdominal fat / pannus. I want to get rid of this and get bigger and stronger. Not really concerned with having a six pack or anything of that nature but I would like to have a relatively tight stomach and be much bigger/stronger.

What would be the best way to tackle lower abdominal fat / loose skin?

Being in college and poor without adequate transportation I can not have a very good diet. The only means I have to cook with is a microwave and very very little fridge space. I plan on eating 3 big meals consisting of large amounts of protein and carbs. My snacks during the day will be 2% cottage cheese, almonds, peanut butter, peanut butter protein shakes, and some tuna here and there. Lots of milk.

Would this be decent enough to gain mass without to much fat? I’m an ffb but at the same time I’ve kept my weight off for about 2 years now and my metabolism seems to be average if not above average now. Mainly my whole diet will be just about making sure I have enough calories to fuel hypertrophy. They may not be clean but that’s priority #2. I wont really have any set diet guidelines expect eating healthy as much as possible, and eating big.

I’ll be lifting about 4 days a week. I’m going to do a bit of high volume training to get my body used to movements. The powerlifting team at my university lifts high reps light weight and works it down to high weight and low reps. I was thinking of doing this type of periodization. I’m just going to be doing Bench presses, rows, Pull-ups & dips “I cant do many.” , squats, deads, and calf-raises. I’ll proably throw in a few sets of iso exercises here and there but not much really.

Has anyone else had any succes with getting rid of skinny fat pannus? It’s really annoying and looks terrible. Cutting hasnt worked because the fat is so stubborn that I just get leaner else where and look like a skeleton. Any thoughts / suggestion would help.

You’re 6’4", 168. There’s no way you are going to have a decent physique without putting on some major muscle. I would start eating plenty of good food until you are in the 210-220 range and then worry about cutting. I can tell you that from personal experience, I am about the same height and I was trying to “get ripped”; got down to about 165 and a low bodyfat but looked like a fucking coat rack. Now if you get to 220ish and cut down, you aren’t going to see that body fat as much because there is muscle there as well.

For sure your going to have to gain a LOT of LBM me at 6 foot I got down to 165 from a top of 300 and man I was sickly thin starved my self etc. 4 inches taller bro you are going to have to get some weight on you for sure