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Fixing Anterior Pelvic Tilt and Forward Head?


Ive been on and off training for 10 years now and Ive always had pretty bad anterior pelvic tilt and forward head (probably due to me working with laptop everyday).

Squat 280lbs, bench 220lbs, deadlift 310lbs, clean 150lbs, 25 chinups.
Not amazing, but to give an idea of my shape.
Im 5" 8’, 155lbs.

I didnt learn this term “anterior pelvic tilt” until recently, so Ive been mistakenly trying to correct my posture by doing straight leg dead lifts and stretching my hams and such, and now I have understood what Ive done is horribly wrong.

I was wondering if somebody could help me out for a few month plan to fix my back? Im guessing I should stop deadlifting and squatting and do hams on machine. Flex hip flexors, and do abs more.

Can I train normally otherwise, db chest press, chinups and so on?
What would be ideal for a person that trains 4x a week?

My main goal right now would be frankly just to get good posture, it bothers me that much. So if I need top stop doing chest presses for instance, im fine with that.

All help is appreciated, thanks.


Look up the ‘Neanderthal no more’ article series by Eric Cressey