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Fixing a Poor Sleep Schedule


Anyone have any methods for fixing a poor sleep cycle? Other than Z-12?


sleeping pills, try 3 days on 3 days off and try to get into a schedule try not to sleep in more than an hour than usual

edit: when i take naps and they are more than an hour it ruins my sleep for the night


3mg melatonin, ZMA


I've been trying this...3mg melatonin w/ ZMA. I also used a ZMA product that contained l-Theanine..and I'd take that with 3mg melatonin. No major difference so to speak. Some nights I'd notice it to work and other nights it would still take me over an hour to actually fall asleep.


Are otc sleep pills okay? The antihistamine ones?


yes unisom is what i use but im sure you can find cheaper ones

Diphenhydramine HCl 50mg

one 50mg dosage should be enough but sometimes i use 2 if i really need it


i find it takes 1.5-2 hours for the melatonin to kick in for me. i take it while im watching tv and by the time i go to bed it knocks me out within 5-10 minutes.


There are actually ways you can improve your sleep, other than pills. Have you ever tried breaking your sleep up until you can sleep faster? Changing your bed time? etc.

For example one way, assuming it takes an hour to get to sleep, is to not sleep for a day so you are really tired, and then, using an alarm, to start trying to sleep for 1.5h 6 times a day split up evenly over the day. Sometimes it takes a day of this, more often than not 2 days (so you can stay up friday and do it over a weekend). In the end you will start going to sleep much quicker than usual (5-10mins) so your body can get a full cycle of sleep in (around 1.5h).
At the end of the weekend you simply sleep like normal and you will fall asleep much quicker now.

You can also try meditation techniques, which I find helps me get to sleep faster.


Work on decreasing the level of stress in your life.


have sex just before you want to go to bed


I found the book 'I Can Make You Sleep' to be very helpful with my sleep problems. The author recommends not watching TV and turning off the computer at least an hour before bed and not doing anything in bed other than sleep and have sex. To get back into a regular sleep schedule, he recommends getting up a half hour than you usually do and not going to bed until you're tired. You don't get as much sleep the first couple nights, but it helps reset your brain to sleep earlier. It worked for me.