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Fixing a Pec Imbalance


i'm having imbalance problems with my chest. my left pec is smaller and i can't squeeze it as hard as the right one.i've tried dumbell and unileteral workouts bu i seem to be having problems with mind muscle connection.i try to isolate the muscle by squeezin it from time to time. but my lat is more contracted than my left pec trough the exercise.

do you think this can be due to my left lat being stronger or left trap being weaker since i've been carrying heavy stuff with my right hand.i don't think there is a posture problem either. sory to keep this long.any advice would be appreciated.


So you’ve done DB Bench Press?

You do any db flat flies? If you can’t feel your pecs with flies then…


no i 've never tried flies… the first thing i’ll do tomorrow. cable fles even better i guess


Try doing a chest shaping program to fill in your lower chest. That worked for me when I lost 20 pounds and had some lose skin around my chest. I made my own with lots of push ups, push pulls, and machine flies.


If one-armed DB bench presses haven’t been doing the trick, I’m not sure what else could. Typically, you’d start with your weaker side, work it until failure or close to it, then do the same reps/intensity with the other(so as not to maintain the imbalance). Otherwise, perhaps ordinary bench pressing with an emphasis on slow, steady reps, with keeping the bar even and your elbows in line.

I used to be fairly right-sided on quite a few of my muscle groups, but I never bothered with isolation. I used mostly BB compounds, and focused on which muscle groups I was using, along with making sure that the barbells were being moved in a controlled, even manner.


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Single arm presses exclusively for a while dude.

Some scap stabilisation work would be a good idea to, to get some mobility into your shoulder.

BB work is just compounding your problem.


Why the imbalance? Perhaps if you could figure out how and why it has occurred, it would be easier to figure out how to correct it.