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Fixing a "Do You Even Lift?" Body

I know I’m going to get roasted for looking a typically fuckboy. But I need your opinions to help change my physique! I’m eating clean as possible like oats, milk, rice, chicken, veggies, and protein shakes. I’m also following 5/3/1 any suggesting to help make me look like a Greek god?

How long have you been training/eating this way? I wouldn’t say you have a “Do You Even Lift?” Body, your arms and shoulders definitely have some mass. Is your middle photo a before picture, or just not as flattering of an angle/lighting?


Change your mindset. Worry about accomplishing physical feats instead of how you look. Life isn’t a selfie contest.


To be honest, it looks like you have emphasized arm and shoulder training A LOT over working your back and chest. Impressive gains on arm and shoulder department but you really need to balance your training. Also please for the love of Odin do not forget to train legs. I’m blessed with a Tyrannosaurus Legs type of body but few things are as ridiculous as guys who don’t train their lower bodies equally to their upper body.

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Keep doing 5/3/1 and focus assistance on lacking body parts?

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5/3/1 is a performance based progrmam, not a bb program. Train to be an awesome motherfucker. Get strong, condition, stretch and make sure diet and recovery protocols are taken care of, and everything will fall into place. Performance will always trump looks.


Also, not trying to be rude, but I’ve never heard of someone who has ran 531 for at least 6 months and gotten arms the size of yours with a midsection as small as yours. Not trying to be a dick, just honest

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Jim must be thrilled about this thread.


My thoughts exactly. Almost as much as the “does this split with double the accessory work and no main lifts look good?” threads.

I worked out for one year! Eating clean and training very serious for about 4 months

I only have ran 5/3/1 for two months now, I’ll work on my midsection sir

The mid photo was recent,

Thank you for the inspiration

I live training lower body to be honest, I’m blessed with a set of wheels too brother!

Define Greek God. They come in all shapes, sizes, and abilities.

Greek god to me looks like a shredded bodybuilder with well developed muscles

You answered your own/original question then.

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