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Fixed Pressing Bar



When the gym gets packed and we cannot use the rack with pins nor a standard bench...how about the fixed style bar rack systems. The range of motion is not obviously free range but I imagine occasionally would get the job done?


Do you mean like a Smith machine?

If that's the case I'm afraid to answer because a zillion people will misinterpret my answer.

I will say that Smith machine upper body pressing is the less bad exercises you can do in the Smith machine. I would never recommend it in a regular program and it is not a substitute for "normal" pressing exercises but if you have to choice to use it or get your workout pace demolished by waiting for too long, then using it might be okay since it would be the lesser of two evils.


My gym doesn't have a power rack so, unfortunately, I have to use a Smith machine as a substitute. CT is right, trust me.


I don't know why I find this statement so funny but I do.


@ CT:

Yeah thats the one...I've never used it "ever" obviously. Nor did I know what the hell you call it.