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Fixed My Nervousness Problem Now I Have an Aggresiveness Problem

Hey guys i took your advice, I bought L-thianine and it seems to help me a shytload i dont get nervous anymore at all before games. I had one today and i went in 3 times the first 2 times i was horrible then the last 8 minutes i told myself fuck it im going to be a little more aggresive and in those 8 minutes i had 5 points and 6-7 boards. I had 3 travel calls today, any advice on that, and also sometimes i just cant be aggresive what can i do to get aggresive like a monster in the post??

[quote]FutureNbaStar wrote:
I had 3 travel calls today, any advice on that?[/quote]


i just cant be aggresive what can i do to get aggresive like a monster in the post??

Try to physically destroy people.

Elbows out on the boards. Swing em. Take the ball into their face. If you get a charge call going back up, you know you’re doing something too well. If not, do it more. Find the fine line.

Try to kill people.


For more aggresiveness listen to hardcore when you lift, then listen to hardcore before you play and during breaks. You have to link hardcore music with an almost masochistic personality. One that has no regard for personal pain, only accomplishment.

Futureballer, You can’t teach desire or passion! From the sounds of it and reading your prior thread on choking, you have the desire and the passion. I had your same problem with choking aka losing to yourself and it took me 3 years to finally realize my problem and admit that it was a problem.

The way I suceeded was believe it or not, stupidity, ignorance, persistence, accupuncture and milk thistle. For three years and numerous major events I never ONCE was able to compete the way I thought I was capable of. Not only that but never once did I get more than about 2-3 hours sleep before an event. Or eat hardly anything the morning of. I say stupidity and ignorance meaning never ONCE have I thought about giving up or listen to negative things friends, family, or coworkers said. Persistence, meaning no matter how bad I fucked up, no matter how much I seem to have choked, no matter how bad I performed, I just kept trying to put myself in the position to succeed. Competing at a professional level, no matter if its basketball, pool, golf, etc. Its mostly won in the mind. But its not ego or cockiness. Its called visualization and focus or who wants it more. After many failed efforts, I turned to accupuncture, when the doctor told me she used to work with pro baseball players and other pro golfers. Long story short, she said my problem originated in my gut and liver. Which is why she said to try milk thistle. She also gave me some visualization methods to help overcome choking. I told her I had an event coming up the next week-end, and she said I’d be fine. That event just happen to be the first time I slept more than 5 hours before, was able to eat a nice breakfast, felt an overwhelming confidence and ‘calmness’. It also was the first time I was able to reach close to what I thought I was capable of. The very next event 2 weeks later I capped off the year with the best effort I’ve ever had since I started competing.

But my advice is to just keep putting yourself out there. Just keep trying, keep practicing, keep training and keep your focus. As far as your aggresiveness, that will come as your desire and passion build. You gotta make yourself want it MORE than the guy your competing against! Tell yourself there is no way I’m losing, there is no way he’s getting that board over me. You have to visually see yourself before the game performing the way you expect, but more so you have to believe that. The more emotions and feelings you put into it the more it will work. Also remember that once your opponents can smell your passion, drive, confidence (and they can) you will beat most of them before you even start the competiton. Good luck!


As a coach, I coach baseball, I would tell you that you need to get into the mindset that you are the best player on the court that when there is a missed basket that the rebound belongs to you. That when you get the ball you are going to score it. Continue working on your post moves so you have confidence in them. And most importantly do what you can do to help your team win. Be the guy who dives for loose balls, be the guy who takes the tough charge. And most importantly don’t give up, be confident and hustle.