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Fixed links for a Critique of My 3 Opening Lifts

I posted this in the O35 forum as well, you can never get enough feedback. I am competing in a meet in Ithaca NY in 10 days I will be in the Masters 2 and Open SHW divisions. I sort of stopped training a couple weeks back and started doing Oly Lifts because I was a bit bored, but since I did pay for this meet I would like to not suck too badly.

Any input on set-up, execution, anything at all really, would be helpful. My goals are 585/435/605 and my openers in the links are 505/410/505, so any advice is welcome (and yes I know the squat is a couple inches high).

505 Squat

410 Bench

505 Deadlift

I dont know if its just me but all of those links were broken

Yeah it didn’t work for me either.

Squat: Looks easy but a little high to me. You look like your trying to lean over further than needed to which is making you feel like your at depth but your not quite there. Could be the angle but I am pretty sure your a little high just at depth at best.

Bench: Looks great really easy.

Deadlift: Looked to easy to see any break down.


Thanks for the input. Yeah the squat seemed a bit high to me as well, I’m not sure why I am turning it into a good morning, but I can go deeper.