Fixed Linear Progression

Hello everyone
my name is Gabriel, im 5’9 170 pounds and about 12.5% bodyfat. I have one year of training experience, My experience up until now has been 100% bodybuilding however on Monday I will be 15 weeks from my first powerlifting meet. roughly half way through December I was about 160 pounds and 11% body fat( the leanest I have been so far) I tested my one rep maxes and was able to get a 365 deadlift 285 squat and 215 bench. as of now I have stated bulking and have completed one full cycle of 531. currently my maxes are 405 deadlift 315 squat and 230 bench.
In the past even when in a caloric deficit i have gotten great results following a fixed linear progression. For example 3x12 on flat bench, if all three sets I get 12 reps next week on my dynamic day i put a 2.5 on each side on attempt it again . my thesis is as follows, if I were do 3x3 with 85% on my dynamic days for each of the big 3 and focus on trying to increase the weight each week that it would not only yield results in terms of measurable strength gains but would also be ideal for the specificity of trying to get more comfortable with “Heavy Weight”

What sort of dynamic day is that? Are you doing 5/3/1 or westside?

Have you read any of the 5/3/1 books? Look into “joker sets”, and the peaking plan in 5/3/1 for powerlifting includes heavy singles at 90% and above.

by dynamic I mean the day in which I complete 5/3/1 for the given movement.

m- 5/3/1 squat
w-5/3/1 bench
f-5/3/1 deadlift
I hit each movement twice a week once following 5/3/1 and then an additional time focusing on my weakness in that movement for example Spoto Press to work the sticking point on my bench