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Fix Posture (Pics Included)


Hi, I have really bad shoulder posture. I did sat at computer for 3-4 years. 8+ hours/day. I want to take care of this problem and enjoy my life. This bothers me from inside of my heart. Please help me out. Thanks!


My left side is worst than the right side.


This is my right side


This is how i look overall.

  1. Take proper pics. Stand normally. Relaxed front, side and back might be a good start.
  2. Lift weights. Some deadlifts, rows, military presses, squats (and of course everything else to build a balanced physique) should help you a lot.


there is nothing wrong with your body. thats how a guy who spends 8 hours a day on a computer and lacks any sort of activity looks.

stop looking for pathologies and deformities. stop adding lines and drawings to your pictures like a medical school case study, you are not the elephant man. start weight training with lots of compounds, eat lots and come back in 1 year.


How the fuck are you able to tell that your shoulders have bad posture when they are twisted around everywhere like that?


I can see clearly that his shoulders are so rounded forward, his nipple are probably touching each other.

Jay1992, there is an article series on this sight which would be invaluable for you


this is the first part


Thanks for help guys. here is another pic.


I don't get why people who don't lift love putting their pics up here.


Firstly, ifi were you, i would check in with a physiotherapist.

Then, i would implement some back extension movement where i am forced to use the erectors responsible for the thoracic spine - so i would try to improvise by lying with my belly on a chair, where one end of the chair touches my hip and the other end touches an inch below my nipples. Then its just stretching arms out forward and switching between trying to touch the floor with the chin and trying to touch the ceiling with the thumbs.

Next up, id hang in an inverted row position under a table and try to pull my shoulderblades together and low and then relax them again.

Id try to do both movements extremely slow and controlled for 5 minutes and would try to improve on repetitions each time.


Still applies. Should help pretty quickly.


Kakno, have you ever trained someone with fucked up posture?

Edit: From what ive learned in the past years, people unable to have/hold a neutral spine should avoid military pressing.


I have


No, but have we established that his posture is fucked up? We've seen one proper pic and how do I know he's not trying to show us a problem he thinks is there, just like in the first batch of pics where he drew a line to show pelvic tilt? We don't have a comment on that pic. Is he arching as much as possible (seems to be what you're implying) or standing normally like I asked him to? I don't see anything pathological from that pic alone.

It just looks like a kid who'd benefit from some lifting. By all means OP, try spongechris wrote first, but I don't think it'd be dangerous


Hold good posture throughout your day. It doesn't happen by magic. Work your ass of on rows, making sure to bring your shoulder blades back and down as far as they go. Once your shoulders get mobile enough for military press (they could already be there, i don't know) hit that hard too.

In other words, just lift. You're fine.

Go ahead and throw in the stuff from the article caveman posted throughout the day.


Well for starters, you should look into the condition that causes one arm to always be twisted behind your back. That just looks awkward to deal with all day.

Serious note, do lots of back work. That's it. Keep it simple stupid.


start with these...

then strengthen with face pulls, band pull a parts and focus on keeping shoulder back through out the day

ps. will hurt like fuck... have fun


Thanks guys. This was much needed info. I will do back work. I have bought Eric Cressey's Show and go program, I hope this fixes up soon because this is not looking good for me. Thanks Again!


If that doesnt work you can always get your shoulders amputated then you wont have to worry about it.