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Fix for Anterior Rotated Shoulders?

Through 7 years of powerlifting I’ve developed a mild case of anterior rotated shoulders. Is there anything I can do to bring them back? I’m also been dealing with an impingment problem moreso on my right shoulder during overhead pressing (especially with with a barbell) I can get away with dumbbells or a log pressing (neutral grip) Thanks!

Stretching and do more rowing motions. It’s actually common with people that sit at a desk all day.

Face pulls, rear delt raises, and rowing variations.

Search this site for a few articles by Eric Cressey. The one that helped me the most was “Solving the Shoulder Conundrum” sp?. I had developed a serious shoulder impingement with months of pain, and couldn’t bench or overhead press at all. I felt notable improvement in just one week of the exercises in this article.

Working on delt and pec flexibility will help a TON. Paying attention to your posture (gay) and making sure that you are staying tall when you’re training does a lot for it as well, along with hitting more back work. I am not kidding when I say this, EVERY client I have that comes into the gym has this same issue, and it has fixed all of them.


  1. Do at least as much back work as you do chest work… in fact it should probably be way more.
  2. Stretch your pecs (doorway stretch).
  3. T-spine extensions on a foam roller before lifting.

I have had success with 50 shoulder dislocates done with a broomstick every night and before training upper body myself, as recommended by Dante (of DC fame).

Perhaps as a supplement to the above recommendations.

Good luck with that - crappy shoulders suck big time.

I’ll second the 50 shoulder dislocations, i was also helped by working with a band on scapular retraction on my lunch break.

shoulder dislocations x3