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Fivefinger Warrior Dash?


Competing in the Warrior Dash in the Rockies in August. Am wondering, from those that have done it, would it be possible to complete in Vibram Fivefingers?? I know it's a pretty rough course, and I'm training already, but if it's definitely a no-go then I'll change what I'm doing.

What do you guys think??


I'm doing the Maryland Warrior Dash in October, and was thinking about running in my vibrams as well. Personally, I've gone paintballing in my vibrams out in the woods and it was pretty rocky, but I managed to survive it.


I did the So Cal one and there were quite a few people running it in their vibrams. I didn't wear mine but there were a lot of people who did.



I thought this was gonna be a parody thread about the Warrior Dash and Five Finger Death Punch. Damn.


Just did the Mountain City, GA Warrior Dash in my VFFs, my friend wore his as well. They worked great, also saw lots of others wearing them. I felt like my footing was better than most folks in shoes, they fell a lot more than me. I tripped once on the knee high hell obstacle, that was the only time.


that's ok, i thought it was a parody of the warrior dash thread and masturbation.




Usaf, I'm disappointed in you. This will require running...at altitude. :frowning:


Dissapointed?!? What'd I do now???


Running is a sin!


Oh that, well it's not running just to run. It's trail running to get to the next obstacle while beating the hell out of all the other people around you. Should be a blast!!


^^It was fun. Are you going to try to run it to be competitive or are you going to run just for fun?

Are you gonna wear a costume?



A lot of people in GA were wearing costumes- I had on a Mexican wrestling mask I picked up on a trip to Mexico. Talk about hot, I gotta figure out something else for next year. One guy had on a 3 piece business suite and briefcase! One guy ran wearing chain mail. Many of the barbarian girls were HOT.


Is anyone else now highly inclined to train for this now?
My friend makes chainmail as a hobby... I could deff borrow his gauntlets/vest.
6km isn't bad at all, little longer than a XC course; its just the obstacles that would wind you hardcore.


Oh damn, didn't know it was a costume party. I'll have to put a bit more thought into it now.


yeah there were a ton of people wearing costumes. A costume is basically a must.



Just purchased the new Vibram FF Bikila. Definitely recommended for running. They are a lot more comfortable than the KSO's or Sprint's


I'm competing in the Northeast Division in Sept, and I wouldn't have even thought of wearing anything other than my VFFs. I am going to start training hard for this next month. Also, this is around the same time I will begin to grow an epic beard.


Outstanding, I'll continue the training in my VFFs then. Tragically can't grow any kind of decent beard, going to have to settle for a fairly ridiculous mohawk instead.


Awesome, make sure you take plenty of pics and post them here!!!!!