Five Year Project

I have got some long term goals in mind as the thread title suggests, but I am not going to bother sharing them all at the moment. As I doubt anyone wants to here all that YET.

My lifts are currently around 185 bench, 255 squat, 300 deadlift, 115 Overhead, and 17 or so chins.

My bodyweight is only 155 pounds at 6’2"

Right Now I realise the only thing holding me back is my bodyweight; so my short term goals are going to revolve around nothing, but getting that up.

First and foremost 181 pounds is in my sights. I’m going to eat my way there hopefully over the next 2 months, and I can enter the new year having reached my goal.

Lifting is going to just be big and basic. With Bill Starrs Basic Power routine outlined in The Strongest Shall Survive.

I’m going to be lifting Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

For anyone who doesn’t Know the Program it is Squat, Bench, Pull (Power cleans/rows/chins whichever you want to do) Laid out over the week in a heavy light medium approach. So you Squat, Bench, and Pull heavy for a top set of 5 on Heavy day, Work up to 80 percent of those lifts on light day, then 90 percent on medium day. Then Add 5 Pounds to the Upper Body lifts, and 10 to the Squat.

Simple Enough.