Five Weeks to Workout(Help Appreciated)

My friend and I have started working out ( 2 weeks ago, totaling 7). he is relatively new to lifting weights(i’ve been for around a year and a half) and has to start lifting in order to prepare for his athletics weight training regimen ahead of him. I wanted to do 5/3/1, but the progressions are slow on that program, and we’d only be able to do one cycle (5/3/1/deload is four weeks, we only have five).

We basically have came up with a workout, using some stuff i read on here and some of the exercises his coach suggested:(HP stands for hukser protocol, which i read about on elitefts, its a way of progressing similar to 5/3/1 working with 80% of your 1RM, and if you can complete the set for 5 reps, add 5 pounds to your 1RM and do 80 percent next workout)

Front Squat HP*
Bench Press HP*
DB Rows 2x5 (not to failure)

Military Press HP*
Bulgarian Squats 3x5
Pullups 4x5(working up to 3 sets of 10)
GHR work

We have not figures this out but im thinking about doing mondays workout again?
I’d like to incorporate dips? Maybe make this a barbell row day with some front squats for sure.

Sat and sunday rest.

I am focusing on the compound lifts, and evening out the push and pull movements, but i was wondering if it was too much work? I need your help. We spent last week figuring out our maxes and this week we began, but not sure what to do on friday

Here’s a good 4 day upper/lower split program

I meant to write MOnday Wendsday Friday.

And we can’t go 4 days a week ( i can but he can’t, and i’d like to do the same routine as him)

why not change front squats to back squats, and get rid of the bulgarians for deads. then do like you said have A and B workout so do like A B A one week then B A B the next.

Starting strength?

Don’t really know what level you’re at but if you’re a true beginner, linear progress might be faster than your HP thingy.

And after five weeks you’ll just stop lifting for all eternity? Or what?

^^No, after five weeks ill be in college and will be doing 5/3/1 or this if i see good gains. Will probably test my maxes out and start a new cycle of 5/3/1

Would doing starting strength with front squats be a good option?