Five Political Parties and Party Politics

Our election is in nine days, not that anyone non Canadian gives a shit. For the hell of it, this is Canadian Politics.

At present we have a minority government. With five parties this could continue for decades and lead to constant collaboration between parties. A real political party with everyone stroking everyone. I find it all quite interesting.

The Conservative Party, formally the Reform Party. Present minority governing body. This party leans to the right.

The Liberal Party, formally the most powerful political party in Canada. Riddled with scandal after scandal and totally corrupt.

The New Democratic Party (NDP). A very left party, union supporters and typical socialist attitude. No threat as a leading party. Best served as a strong opposition.

The Bloc, the French Canadian way of fucking everyone up. Sorry not one good thing to say about them, except I wish they would go away!

The Green Party rather self explanatory. Just recieved party status last election by getting more than 1% of the popular vote.

I enjoy watching Canadian Politics. I usually don’t vote because I don’t believe in Party Politics. Without free representation I have no individual vote and am forced (if I voted) to vote in a party. I may have to this time, I’d hate to see things go backwards.

Party politics is about toeing the party line. Gag orders on party members. Worst of all group think tanks and internal corruption.

With five Parties it is going to be very difficult to get a majority government. Which leads to instability and a slowing of foriegn investments.

It was stupid in the past. In B.C. we knew who won before our polls closed. Now they hold the count until all the polls are closed. Plus with the division of the vote with five parties. The B.C. vote actually means something. There’s a reason to vote right there.

So there’s a brief outline if anyone gives a crap!