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Five New Articles Up!

In this week’s issue:

Revenge of the Nerds by TC

Train Longer, Not Harder by C.S. Sloan

Triple Shot by Cy Willson

Cardio Roundtable, Part II Moderated by Chris Shugart

Best of the Guest III with Charles Staley

Ground Breakers: Bad Protein

Reader Mail

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Ya I’m a “Full ON” Nerd Lover!!
What’s a gal to do?

Great article TC! I can kinda relate to the “nerds”. Back in the day (junior high school…high school)…I wasn’t part of the “in” crowd. I wasn’t unpopular, but I wasn’t what you would consider one of the “cool” kids. I never went to any parties in high school…I just didnt see the point in getting plastered and smoking weed in order to have fun. Sure, like most…I was picked on cause I didn’t drink or smoke or party like a rock star… instead, I spent time in the gym and played baseball. I went to college and earned an athletic scholarship for baseball and had the opportunity to play pro ball. but unfortunately things didn’t pan out. Regardless…I finished school with a degree in health education, and I definetely “blossomed” while in college in terms of my physical appearance. Its funny to go back home and see all those kids back in the day who picked on me for being skinny and being a lame ass for not partying… who are now 25-30 lbs overweight and look like shit. I feel some sort of redemption in a way. I have a great job and I still would rather read about the advantages of nighttime feeding or the importance of regulating insulin levels for body composition than go out to the bars. I would rather hit the weights or go read at the local Borders on the weekends than go to some beer festival. It feels damn good to be a nerd! Damn good indeed!

Great issue this week. I don’t now if C.S. Sloan reads the forum, but very good article. I am enjoying Sloan’s work; keep it coming!

Two articles glorifying brains and brawn in two weeks? Apparently T-mag thinks its readers are a bunch of idiots, so they are going to encourage us to strive to be intelligent. :slight_smile:

I agree; the article by Sloan was great!


I’m printing out Sloans article as I am writing this pm! Great article.

Does anyone know what the rest between sets should be in these routines? It does not say anything about this.