Five Day Split

From the information i’ve gathered here and from other sources, it’s widely regaurded that forming an exercise program around bodyparts (i.e chest monday, back tues, ect…) is an outdated and poor way to train. I’ve also read that muscles should be trained 2-3 times per week for optimum results. This being said, I find it hard to design a program that would operate monday-friday. Granted, i could always do a 4 day split with cardio on wednesday, but since you all were here, i figured i would ask for some friendly advice! :wink:

I wouldnt call either way outdated any and all ways of working a spilt be it 2 or seven day can work for any one individual if done right. Just cahnge it up from time to time.

As for your question make the 5th day and active recovery day. cardio. light weights a pick up game of B-Ball. etc.