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Five Day Split Ideas

Well, with school starting up I find that I have access to a gym Mon-Fri, but no time available on the weekends. Previously when doing 5-day split I’ve done


While I enjoyed it, I’d like more leg work involved so I was thinking of doing this,

Mon-Hams, Calves
Tue-Chest, Triceps
Wed-Back, Biceps
Thur-Quads, Abs
Fri-Maybe some conditioning, or make it an arm day, not sure what I want to do here.

I’ve been looking through the old articles and threads, but haven’t found anything that really turns me on, so if you have any ideas, please post 'em.

i have done the ironman xreps split before and it was very nice.

mon: chest , lats , triceps, abs
tues: quads , hams , calves
wed: delts , midback , biceps , forearms
thur:chest , lats , triceps, abs
fri: quads , hams , calves
sat&sun off with cardio if u want

next mon u start with the delts, midback , biceps and forearms.

and u keep rotatiing them.

CT has tons of split ideas; check out his older program design articles.

Here’s something a little different - rotate these 3 days over a 5 day period

Workout 1: PULL - Back, Rear Delts, Biceps
Workout 2: PUSH - Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
Workout 3: Legs - You know the drill



Basically you get to hit 2 of the 3 workouts twice per week and the other workout once per week.

The combinations are endless - get started on whatever split seems sensible and make adjustment according to how well you progress or how worn out you feel.