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Five Cycles (just about) of 5/3/1 Progress

I am just wrapping up my fifth cycle of 5/3/1, and I cannot believe the progress I have seen. I began in September and did four week cycles until the end of December. January was a month of a different style of training (for college credit too!), so I focused on that. I came back for a fifth cycle. I picked up Beyond during this month so I incorporated the longer cycle length this time.

Some stats:
162.8 lbs

Deadlift = 440
Squat = 333
OHP = 130
Bench = 200

I did standard 5/3/1 with FSL and Joker’s on the sixth week (this week) if I felt fresh and can push higher numbers. FSL was done either with AMRAP for a set or 3x5-8 or 5x6 depending on how I felt. I still have to bench tomorrow, but the way this week has gone, it should be just as good. I was able to do triples with two reps in the tank on deadlift, OHP, and squat for my top end set. So I decided to test my strength a bit and saying that I am excited is an understatement.

Deadlift = 480
OHP = 140
Squat = 365
Bench = TBD

These are all time gym lift PRs for me. Hell, this whole cycle was PR after PR. I may or may not do the BBB 3 month challenge next. I need to gain some size anyway. I’m too damn small.

January was also when I learned that I was not eating enough. I thought 3000 would be enough, but apparently I need near 3500, and even that might be just maintenance. I use to be borderline obese, so mentally it is sometimes hard to make myself eat that much, but I’ve gotten better about it.

I just wanted to thank you Jim for this program and the tools you have left for us to use to make ourselves better lifters and athletes. After hearing your Barbell Shrugged interview, I am stoked to read your new book and undertake your 30 week program.

Thanks - this is great to hear. I appreciate the kind words and support. However, you did all the work. Humility is nice on paper but be proud and own what youve done. Performance goals help shape a person much more than people think. It’s not about squatting 500…