Five and a Quarter Pounds of Muscle in 14 days

Hi all,
Just thought that I’d report that after a brief illness which saw me lose around 10 lbs in four or five days I’m very happy to report that I’ve successfully regained 5 1/4 lbs of muscle in just fourteen days from three 10-10-10 workouts combined with creatine loading.

I’d like to put this in context. Way back (1989)… when I was much, much younger and gyms weren’t open 24 hours or from 5am or 6am, my work schedule saw me unable to find time to train (I was working 3 jobs and around about 70 - 80 hours a week). In one month of that madness I dropped from 199 lbs to 189 lbs. When my work went back to a 40 hour week I tried a Colorado Experiment approach to get back to where I was asap. After a month I’d regained nothing. Literally zero. In fact it took a total of 6 months training to get back to 199 lbs.

Both times I used HIT. Both times I was trying to regain lost muscle. Once didn’t work - there was no creatine on the market and I wasn’t as experienced at nutrition. Once did. I’m glad I’m still learning!

EDIT: After another nights sleep I’ve gained another pound so it’s really 6 1/4 lbs in 14 nights. Amazing!

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you think its water weight?

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It will be muscle, stored glycogen and water. It’s not fat. I think it’s mightily impressive, especially compared to my effort in 1989.