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Fitting It All In?


I'm looking to cut at the moment, experimenting with getting the right combinations of weights frequency, split) and cardio. Ideally I'd like to do my HIIT cardio on ''off'' days from the weights, but I'm not quite sure how to structure the weights days. From reading around, I reckon a ratio of 3 weights days to 2 cardio days is about right for my goals, but I have several possibilities. Anyone advise?

  • Upper / Cardio / Lower / Cardio / Upper ...
  • Push / Cardio / Legs / Cardio / Pull ...
  • Full body A (deads, OHP, chins) / Cardio / Full body B (squats, bench, row) / Cardio / Full body C (SLDL, incline, pullups) / Cardio
  • Chest&biceps / Cardio / Legs&shoulders / Cardio / Back&triceps

Has anyone worked a similar routines and recommend them?


I think start off with steady state post weights, leave off days as off days.

After 4 weeks evaluate progression to goals, consider turning SS cardio to interval cardio.

Then consider complexes and cardio on off days.


I've done upper/lower/upper/lower before and I didn't really like it, I guess it would be convinient (butchered that spelling) if you were short on time.

It all depends on your training style really, I like high intensity and quite a bit of volume... I also love being in the gym, so I do a 5 on 1 off schedule hitting a bodypart every 6 days.

Personally I'd spend AT LEAST 5 days a week in the gym for weights even when cutting, it gives you more flexibility and allows you to give more attention to various bodyparts.

That being said, if i was forced (and i'd have to be) to pick a split out of the ones you posted, i'd choose the last one.


Just make sure to lift heavy and limit your time in the gym. Being on a caloric deficit, you probably won't have a lot of energy. So, focus on the basic lifts and some accessory work.

The goal is to keep as much muscle as possible and let the cardio and diet do its work on the fat loss.

So, don't over think this. Pick one and go with it.


Thanks for the replies fellas.

How about increasing the frequency of weights workouts, say working Push - Legs - Pull - Cardio/OFF - Push - Legs - Pull - Cardio/OFF, with 15-20 mins of cardio at the end of the weights workouts?