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Fitting in Calories

I’m trying to fit 3,400 calories into 6-7 meals and I’m having a hard time any suggestions?

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A good idea if you list what you are eating now and where your problems are. This will very much aid in any feedback.



eat more fats.

[quote]purdiver wrote:
eat more fats.[/quote]

Bump to this. Add a tablespoon of olive oil to your protein shakes, that adds about 120 kcals right there.

[quote]purdiver wrote:
eat more fats.[/quote]

healthy fats he means and fruit and vegetables that are calorie dense. drink lot of liquid healthy calories such as milk

whole eggs, omega 3 and free range are the best fat profiles and provide a lot of energy, also flax meal is more palatable than flax oil, cheaper and has lignans which further promote digestion as well as fiber. these and nuts (unsalted of course) will allow you to maintain a high healthy fat intake which will assist you in you goal. oils like olive, canola, macadamia nut are preferred sources also.

3400kcal > 6-7 meals is 486-567 per meal

macro breakdown at 30:35:35 (P:C:F) is:

totals 1020:1190:1190kcal
per meal(6) 42.5g:50g:22g
per meal(7) 36.5g:43g:19g

not saying you should eat exactly this way, just to show roughly what it adds up to. diet assumed to be Berardi like with emphasis on lean protein, healthy fats, fruits and veggies with low glycemic carbs like brown rice or oatmeal preferrably in the morning or post training with high glycemic carbs and fast digesting protein during your workout peroids.

i would keep the protein pretty constant and vary the carbs and fat at each meal to achieve more favorable nutrient partioning.

the key to success is to make sure you always have the meals ready to go which means thinking ahead. also having enough preparation tools such as bowls and knives, etc is important as is storage. some of my clients keep a cooler in their car with their meals for the day. for keeping track of food intake you can use a digital postal scale with at least 1g accuracy. ones that measure up to 5lbs run about $30 in the states, $40 in canada.