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Fitting Cardio into Weight Lifting


hi all,

i have been looking at posts on cardio and weight lifting and have found a bunch of conflicting information, and thought i would start a post to see what answers i get. my first question is calorie compensation. i read that while lifting you should compensate for whatever calories you burn while doing cardio by increasing your calorie intake that day by the amount of cal burned.

the logic was, that you should burn mostly fat during cardio (this assumes steady state) and the calories you compensate with should go to your muscles. so while nominally you are negating the cardio work, in reality your body composition is changing. my second question is whether to do steady state or HIIT cardio?

i read that steady state better complements weight lifting as it burns mostly fat for energy due to the lower heart rate, while HIIT depletes glycogen stores, basically giving you the same effect as weight lifting minus the muscles gains. lastly, what should the post cardio meal be and when should it be consumed. should it just be protein, protein and fat or any other combination, and should it be consumed right after?


what are your goals?


building muscle while burning fat (or at least minimizing fat gain).


bed earlier
wake up and jog/walk a bit..

its been helping me tremendously

more water...


Protein and carbohydrates after cardio. During cardio there is a slight burning of your glucose and glycogen stores before your body uses lipids as fuel. The carbohydrates are used to replenish what is lost of the glucose and glycogen. I think the common notion is half hour to an hour after cardio workout you are to ingest foods to refuel you body.


Will 30 minute jogs on non-lifting days (I'm lifting 5x5 MWF) adversely affect muscle gains?


Probably not, but it depends largely on individual factors.


You should do 30minute jog after your weights because its easier to lose fat and will not affect your muscle gains


Just do steady cardio and carbs should be consumed before and after your cardio workout