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Fitting 60-Second Negative Chin-ups and Dips into New 30-10-30?

Dr Darden–

Any reason the negative 60 second chin-up and dip were omitted from your latest book?Do they still have a place in your programming?Thanks for reading.

I wanted to keep all the exercises doable with 30-10-30. 30-10-30 for the chin and dip are very, very difficult to the point of cutting them in half to 15-5-15.

But you could certainly substitute the 60-second negative chin and dip for the biceps and triceps exercises.

I’m struggling with one 30 second negative chin and this guy is doing 60 second negatives. Oh boy!

I have an idea if your wanting to keep close to the theme of the new 30/10/30 e-book Not to failure. You might be able to do it more that one workout day.

Set a limit on multiple negative reps and stop short of when you cant control the negative. For example. If you can do eight strict 10 second decents before it gets harder to contol then stop at six. Your not getting near failure and you have 60 seconds spent in the negative.

It’s probably a good idea if you only use your bodyweight.

I like what Dr. Darden said about using them as a sub for you arm work.

I was think about this. I usually do arm work last. Your metabolic conditioning probably would not suffer from not doing a few arm exercises. That is if you can do the negative chin and dips last.

If your doing the workout like Dr.Darden suggests in the book it might help improve your conditioning by doing the harder multi joint negative dip and chin at the end of your workout. Just a thought

It would be like a finisher at the end. I think it will keep your heart rate up.

Yes, at the end of the workout is the best place for them.

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