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Fitting 5/3/1 Hardgainer Routine into the Big Picture of Training

The new 5/3/1 Hardgainer routine looks like a great routine. I’m not currently using it, nor do I have any immediate plans to switch to it, in fact I may never use it, but I am curious about how it fits into the bigger picture of training. How would it fit into your simple periodization model? Would you use it for 2-3 cycles, then switch to something different for 2-3 cycles? If so, what would be a good template to pair with it? Just trying to learn here…

You would use this as a Leader Program. Morph into an Anchor.

Thank You. I’m thinking of having my son use this template sometime in the future. I’ve bored him enough with old stories of 20 rep squats that I did back in the day. I would like him to experience them for himself and this is a MUCH smarter way to implement them than the way we used to do it. Thank you again.

This is what I decided to do back my T.M. up three cycles going to go forward five the accessory work going to start out with a total of 25 and add 5 every week. I really like the way this program is written. Really like the 20 rep squats for some crazy ass reason, the only thing that might change will be using SS bar but time will tell. Started to run program then busy at work and life, just not enough time in the day, was enjoying it that is I’m going to try this.