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Fittest Man in the World


' THE world's fittest man is not a boxer, cyclist or a marathon runner. He doesn't play professional sport of any kind, and you've likely never heard of him. '

Rich Froning

Froning is a professional CrossFit athlete. CrossFit is an exercise program which is a mixture of aerobic fitness and weight lifting. I

  • Doesnt play professional sport of ANY kind, yet Froning is professional Crossfite Athlete.

So how fit is he? Well. He can deadlift 240 kilos, squat 190, bench 150, clean and jerk 150 and snatch 120. He's also said to be as aerobically fit as an Olympic swimmer.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health-fitness/crossfit-athlete-rich-froning-is-world8217s-fittest-man/story-fneuz9ev-1226683607083#ixzz2Zq2gv2nR



first of all who exactly decided what defines "fittest man"? secondly as much as I despise crossfad those are some impressive numbers. Id like to know what steroids stack he uses. There was a lot of debate about crossfit and PEDs recently on ironradio podcasts and their facebook page. I also went to a lifting seminar hosted at a crossfad box and was surprised when all the guys openly admitted to either using steroids and or knowing that the top10 crossfitters are using as well. I was surprised about the crossfitters using steroids because I had a lot of preconcieved notions about them.


Even though it is true that it's hard to define "fittest' at least they went with someone quite strong and powerful and not just some dick like Lance Armstorng.

If it matters I thought he was a dick before the truth that we all know anyway came out.


Crossfit is cool.
I would never train in that manner, but the Crossfit games are really fun to watch.


I was wondering when this thread was going to come out


The fittest individuals are probably SAR technicians.


Peter North is more fit than that guy. So I've been told.


seems to be the consensus.


There was some "article" on Froning on the crossfit FB page. He says he doesn't have any kind of a diet or training program.


No one brought up the fact that he won a contests called "World's Fittest Man"? I think its kind of misleading, if not extremely arrogant of crossfit to name their contest this way. How would this guy's performance stack up against any NFL running back?


Well you found out the hard way that he's more fit than you, but...


Saw a piece on Froning last year where the interviewer asked about steroid use and Fronings exact response was "I don't see how they'd help in Crossfit". Obviously he can't admit to being juiced to the gills for a variety of reasons, but thought that was just plain dumb.


Runningbacks play football. Froning trains to be the best at exercising. Huge difference.


LOL what you're saying is crossfit is training to prepare you for training. MIND BLOWN


I wouldn't be surprised if he used EPO or other forms of blood doping as well as steroids to improve cardio


Haha, kinda, yeah.


Think he got $250k for winning the games on top of a ton of endorsements and sponsorships to go with it, so I'd be willing to bet that he (and everyone else who's competitive) would do anything they can to gain a competitive edge.


Im sure even using purely strength enhancing steroids would let them kill the drug free competion and do some amazing stuff. Its the whole " if you can deadlift 500lbs for a single itll make deadlifting 100 lbs for reps easier."


Not to mention He is pretty much a god to crossfitters