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"A formal investigation has been launched into an advertisement for Protein World after a campaign asking viewers if they were "beach body ready".

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) confirmed it had launched an investigation to establish whether the advert breaks harm and offense rules or is socially irresponsible.

The advert has also been banned from appearing again in its current form."




I didn't know the UK was as sensitive as we are...


Not only is Europe as sensitive (witness France banning skinny models), they also have the lack of protections to enforce it.


sounds like a blissful liberal utopia.

Our culture here is fucked up with the constant obese acceptance propaganda we are subjected to.


It's been interesting seeing the contrasting opinions about this on my FB feed from women who work out and women who don't.


Shaming gays into obeying the world-order.

Shaming skinny people into obeying the world-order.

Is there a difference?


This sort of thing is what tipped me over the edge from being a hardcore leftist to free trade minimalist government. I got sick of the classically right wing attitude to cultural discourse the new left operates under. That lead me to economics and libertarian and constitutionalist writers and figures.

On leftist websites and in leftist groups if you say you wouldn't sleep with a transexual because of it but don't have a problem with them or want their rights restricted you are labelled sexist, hetro-normative, transphobic and oppressive.

This is the same bizzaro bullshit as when feminists shame hot girls for wearing make up and conforming to gender stereotypes but will shout you go girl and support a transexual wearing lipstick and hooker heels.
This kind of weak and victimhood outlook is fucking our country and its new generation. I was taken by it and it let me be a weak motherfucker for years something I am having to deal with now and try and sort my life out and achieve goals and work for them.

Most of these people are economically liberals but they are culturally marxist in their outlook on race, gender, sexual politics, class etc. However it is a crude marxism because they don't understand marxism nor have they read any of his works or understand the premise of them.

It is like kindergarden socialism. Economics goes out the window and identity politics and cultural protests make up the hollow meaningless framework of their movement and ideology, o lack there of.


They're bigots, plain and simple. They carry on and on about white Christian oppression but yet in practice are some of the most unaccepting hateful people in the world today.


I am against white christian oppression. Lets be honest white supremacy and christianity have a far higher death count than a bunch of first world lefties haha.

I would also place them far further down on the hateful list than white supremacists, christian fundamentalists etc. I mean the lefties judge you, they don't tell you you are going to burn in hell forever and stop you getting married :smiley:


Society didn't teach me that that model is attractive. No matter how much you withhold the imagery, or replace it with something else, people will still find that model attractive.

I was not told she was attractive. I did not choose to find her attractive. My "human nature" tells me she is attractive.

This idea that denial and obfuscation is somehow going to change reality, is the real problem.


My first response was going to be, "I'll give her some protein..." Then I actually read your post and decided to go a different direction.

Totally agree. She's hot. Fat people are generally not regardless of what some sensitive sally's have to say about it.


I'd rather be told im going to hell than have my name and business slandered for disagreeing.


Isn't telling someone they are going to hell for something they do that affects no one slander?



But their attitude is that biology is nonsense and all our views on sexuality and body image are constructs. Which is nonsensical garbage.


slander which might hurt your feelings vs. slander which hurts your ability to support yourself is completely different.






How? Being called immoral and hellbound affect your business just as bad as any social justice warrior boycott does it. Both sides do it lets not pretend otherwise.


are you being serious?


Are you? Do you think liberals are the cause of more harm than white people and christianity have been historically? I don't think some fat feminist spray painting a beach body ready poster has the same weight as christianity and the things done in its name.

You criticise lefties and their nonsense yet don't have the same venom for organised religion? That seems incredibly biased.