Pledge Your Sweat Challenge

If you REALLY want to put your fitness to the test, then sign up for free and start setting up your pledges. So far there’s an entire Clubbell Pro Gym going out to the winner, not that you would need a prize in order to raise money for this urgent cause!

Best to all of you,
Scott Sonnon
RMAX International, Chief Operations Officer, Director

Here’s the info from our website: Charity Benefit Seminar

and the


for the

American Red Cross Katrina Relief Fund

RMAX International (RMAXi) was and is appalled at the ineffective and inexpedite relief efforts regarding the recent US tragedy in the wake of Katrina, and decided to take matters into its our own hands. RMAXi is organizing a massive relief fund drive seminar and the PLEDGE YOUR SWEAT challenge contest and needs your help!. Together we have the opportunity to raise up to hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Katrina relief. With the private and public donations and now local and State government potentially involved, we may exceed anything we at RMAX International initially dreamed possible. The Red Cross is behind FITNESS AID 100% as 100% of the proceeds will go directly through them and 100% directly to the Katrina victims.

Scott Sonnon, Chief Operations Officer of RMAX International, named this event FITNESS AID because he believes as a physical culture community need to redefine what it means to be fit. What are we ‘fit’ FOR? Fit-ness is our ability to take effective and expedient action. What more dire circumstances could EVER require our action? What more crucial could we be “fit” for??? Charity Seminar

Western Washington University, October 15th, 2005

Scott Sonnon and Ron Arnold, Athletic Director at Western Washington University, are organizing a day long schedule of fitness workshops at Western Washington University (WWU) in Bellingham, WA USA on Saturday, October 15th, 2005. Based upon prior events of this kind that we can generate up to a 1,000 participants. The fund drive has rapidly spiraled larger than initially hoped. Major corporate contributors are extending their philanthropic aid to this now collaborative event. Local as well as national news coverage may swell the attendance above the projected. is VERY open to additional strategic alliances with the exclusive goal of raising more relief funds for Katrina victims. If you can’t think of any other way to contribute, please contact Scott Sonnon (, if you or any of the people in your organization wish to attend to show your support and have a fit fun time in all of the workshops from bodyweight calisthenics, Clubbell? training, Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga, kettlebell training, Prasara Body-Flow, Olympic weightlifting, and so on. RMAXi has donated a free PLEDGE YOUR SWEAT forum to discuss any issues or ask any questions at Circular Strength Magazine.

Scott Sonnon has been personally contacting the other major fitness organizational leaders. In the spirit of unity he believes that the fitness industry must rise above its inherent tendency for competition to put our collective fit-ness to useful aid in relief of the current Katrina crisis. Furthermore, Scott has been pressing all of his contacts with publications around the world to lend us press coverage so we can increase public awareness of our event, and hopefully elicit patronage by more and more athletes globally. Ron Arnold has been using his network to lift local awareness as well as secure administrative support for the seminar. There is no holiday that could happen during such a crisis. RMAXi and WWU will be burning the phones and pounding the pavement to make this the biggest fund raiser the fitness community has EVER mustered.

PLEDGE YOUR SWEAT Challenge Competition

Contested Worldwide - October 14, 2005

Fitness Organizations, Fitness Gyms, Health Clubs, Yoga/Pilates Studios, Martial Art Schools, Competition Gyms, Sports Clubs, Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire / Paramedic Departments, or any other organization may enter the PLEDGE YOUR SWEAT Fund Drive. You and/or your team will be displayed on the FITNESS AID website as a contributing sponsor, and be listed in the event flyer.

If you intend to participate, download the Entry Application (free) and Pledge Sheet at

On Friday, October 14th, around the world, the PLEDGE YOUR SWEAT Fund Drive will be contested on the “honor system” (have a partner time you and record your repetitions). The contest involves:

32 sets of basic calisthenics:

The First 8 Sets are of Pull-ups.

The Second 8 Sets are Push-ups.

The Third 8 Sets are Sit-ups.

The Fourth 8 Sets are Squats.

Each set will last 20 seconds. All repetitions must be completed within those 20 seconds. Following there will be a 10 second rest. Immediately after the 10 second rest, the next 20 second set begins. 20 seconds rest / 10 seconds rest (called the Tabata Protocol, and the above brilliant program developed by Greg Glassman of, who is being invited to be an honored guest at the fund drive). In other words, the entire event will be contested in exactly 16 minutes. The total number of repetitions of all events will be tallied. Between now and October 14th, contestants will collect pledges of X number of dollars/cents per repetition. By October 20th, please collect all of your pledge donations and have it postmarked by midnight.

Even if you cannot do even one repetition of one event, and only one repetitions of other events, every single dollar helps!!! It’s not about winning, but DONATING your sweat to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Please make all checks payable to AMERICAN RED CROSS - Katrina Relief Fund. DO NOT SEND CASH!!! Pledges must be sent to:

RMAX International West Coast Headquarters

PO BOX 5981

Bellingham, WA



The individual who collects the greatest number of pledge money will receive a Clubbell? Pro Gym from RMAX International. (This prize may grow as other organizations are donating prizes.) The winner will also be honored at the FITNESS AID event held at Western Washington University on October 15th during the guest presentation by yours truly.

How can you help if you can’t show up, or compete?


Put the call out to any Instructors or Athletes who would like to make arrangements to be present, help out, participate or merely show support. PLEASE spread this on every forum and bulletin board that you know of! If there are any instructors from your organization interested in volunteering to present at FITNESS AID, please ask them to email Scott Sonnon, Director at in order to block out a slot in the schedule (which is rapidly filling up!) They must supplement your own equipment above what the University has at its facility and/or provide alternative equipment ideas (like substituting dumbbells).

God Bless you for your efforts!

Here’s the current list of Participating Teams:

RMAX International

Western Washington University

Blauer Tactical Systems

Scrapper Athletics

Progressive Groundfighting Concepts

Eastern Arts Online Magazine

Straight Blast Gym International

One Dragon Gym

Scientific Wrestling Research Group

Crossfit London Group

Fitboot Professional Training Group

ModCom MMA Team