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Fitness Video Editing

Hey y’all,

I want to start uploading my workouts on youtube with voiceover.I mean, I have a home gym, me and my brother work out 5-6 times per week each, in Greece this has just started to become a thing, so why not

Anyone that has any relevant experience, I’d love any advice I can get

P.s for the “google it” people
1.I am, but it’s kind of a niche topic
2.F*** off

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Why not ask the people in Greece who already do this, how they do this.

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Already have sent messages.Although most do blogs, noone I’ve spoked do voices over their workouts

You probably just need to find a video editor that lets you do the voiceover. I can add music to my videos with free apps so I’m sure a purchased program would be much better.

As a last resort, you could make a voice file and insert it into your video like I do with music. It would be tricky with the timing, though.

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Thanks mate.What editor do you use?

Also what’s your channel’s name?

I don’t have a channel. I just throw a song on my training highlights so there’s more than just grunting and plates clanging. I use VideoShow on my phone. I don’t think it’s a production app. It lets me trim videos, splice them together, add text, and play music. It’s pretty basic.